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I have fully enjoyed my experience with Angelink from setting up a fundraiser to kick start my business to being an Angel grant winner and using that money to make products for my business to start selling soon. I can’t thank them enough! I give them 5 stars!

Erica Alexander

Thank you AngeLink for helping to bring awareness to my special fund raiser for pediatric cancer research this year. It is wonderful to have a team that is so thoughtful and caring in helping to share love in so many ways that continuously helps others. God Bless You ALL ❤️

Karen Hatz

I truly enjoyed using AngeLink to raise money for my cousin who is battling cancer… The app was extremely user friendly & the entire team was SUPER supportive when I had any questions…

Samantha Banks

Always notified in a very timely manner of activity and prompt payment of donations. Five Star rating. I will us Angellink for any project I may have to raise funds. I will also tell friends about Angellink. Thanks for all you do.

Marcia Knight G

The support was prompt and helpful. She even checked to make sure she had answered my question sufficently.

Genevieve Kawamoto

Angelink and their staff have been the biggest help our community has received. During hurricane Ian, our community suffered tremendously, but Angelink came to our communities and offered aid. They offered toiletries, food, water, financial aid, and most of all, support. Laura Ariza and the staff members of Angelink were on the ground talking to the survivors, listening to their stories, and offering a shoulder to cry on. My community and I will never forget how much Angelink helped us in rebuilding and gaining our strength back. Thank you for all you do Angelink!

Paulina Gonzalez

What impressed us the most with the AngeLink Community Foundation, was their compassion for the people in their community and their desire to do everything and anything they could to ensure assistance got to those most in need. Their fundraising platform was easy to use and made the whole process a breeze. It was our honor fundraising for the SW FL Community through AngeLink.

VYRD Insurance

What an amazing moment of hope and joy for my family thanks to the wonderful team at Angelink Thank you @angelink for helping to showcase the GOOD!

Stacey Bjorklund

If you’re looking for support, Angel link is the funding platform that truly cares and wants to give back to their community. That is what sets them apart from other platforms.

Amanda Carmona

Due to an accident that left me unable to use my left arm and to stand and walk, I needed a very expensive piece of equipment. AngeLink provided me with a viable option to raise the funds needed. I was a bit reluctant at first… “what if no one donates?” AngeLink made it both easy and comfortable to reach out to friends all over the world. I now, gratefully, have been able to purchase the equipment and start my therapy.

Debra Harless

I am really thankful for crowdfunding platforms such as Angel Link. It’s a miracle that in today’s day and age, Angels still exist. I was able to crowdfund for my business easily through Angel Link.

Dr Adeola Oke

AngeLink has helped me raise so much money for Domestic Violence Awareness! Amazing company with incredible values.

Amanda Diane

It was extremely easy, and the customer support was so helpful. It was just a great experience.

Amy Koepke

Best place for fundraising. I am forever grateful.

Laurie Howes

I hesitated to crowdfund support for my cancer journey, but my naturopath reminded me that there are many of you who will want to help. So far, I’ve raised $2,679 from 33 donors! I am SO thankful for your help!

Katie Joy Duke

Because of the campaign that my Grandmother started for me here on Angelink, I will be able to record an EP of my original music. I am a full-time student at Belmont University in Nashville following my dreams. This fund will get me even closer to achieving them. Thank you to all who have donated. I am incredibly thankful and humbled by your kindness.

Georgiana Stern

AngeLink is an easy to use, safe and fun fundraising platform to raise money for people and causes you care about. Try it as a cutting edge alternative to Go Fund Me and other similar crowdfunding platforms. They make raising money for needy friends super simple, and unlike other platforms, they focus on empowering women. They also have an adorable branded angel emoji you can dress up and customize for holidays etc., and share on social media!

Bailey Haas

Great service. They helped me with my problems.

Lok Wing

The customer care are supportive and understanding

Betty Sunday

I’m expressing my warm gratitude to mention that you are doing a great and recommendable to support and fund the small organizations. Am so delighted to mention that continue supporting because there are some organizations which are formed by people who have less financial mascles but they are passionate to help the need in remote and rural areas like remote areas of Lumezi District.

Chalwe Nyendwa


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