AngeLink Community

A thriving community is of vast importance to us at the AngeLink! Engaging with our donors, fundraisers and Angel Grant recipients brings connection, compassion and enthusiasm to our AngeLink community.

👩‍🎤 Powered by Women

Everything we do at AngeLink is to empower women, helping to raise them up to their highest potential! This includes celebrating women in business, women’s history along with random acts of kindness.


💰Emergency Angel Grants

When disaster strikes ACF is ready to help with Angel Grants and Gifts to support all those in need, especially single moms and their children and single women.


🥰 Customer Love

AngeLink is on a mission to bring more love to the world! This means supporting our fundraising “customers” with love as they reach out to their communities to support themselves, their families and the causes they believe in.

Join the AngeLink community, keep up on important news and share the Angel Love!

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