AngeLink Community

We’re making the world a better place. Engaging with our donors, fundraisers and Angel Grant recipients brings connection, compassion and enthusiasm to our AngeLink community.

🥰 Nationwide Community Give Back

We’re on a mission to share the Angel Love! This means helping our fundraising community as they raise money to support themselves, their families and the causes they believe in.

👩‍🎤 Powered by Women

AngeLink is the world’s first AI-Driven crowdfunding platform developed and powered by women. We support female-forward missions, those in need and underserved communities.

💰Angel Grants

Our charitable organization, the AngeLink Community Foundation 501 (c) (3) is on a mission to empower women in the areas of health, education, entrepreneurship, and those affected by emergencies to make a powerful impact in our community. Click on Angel Grants to learn more.

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