Angel Grants

We make direct and immediate impact through life-changing Angel Grants to support AngeLink fundraising campaigns. Together we can change the world.

What Are Angel Grants?

Quite Simply...People Helping People

AngeLink is on a mission to solve humanity’s biggest problems through crowdfunding. Through the generosity and kindness of our donors, Angel Grant programs award individual donations from The AngeLink Community Foundation 501(c)(3) to specific AngeLink Fundraiser categories that align with our mission. Angel Grants are awarded to selected eligible applicants to support their active AngeLink Fundraising Campaign. Angel Grants are not loans and do not need to be repaid.

Angel Grants for Women Entrepreneurs

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

Currently there are 12.3 million women owned businesses in the US generating $1.8 trillion a year! Even with all that success it’s hard for women to get funding. AngeLink is here to help women entrepreneurs succeed! Learn how you can get support for your new or existing business with AngeLink fundraisers and Angel Grants!

Donate for Angel Grants

Angel Grants in Times of Emergency

When an emergency occurs AngeLink is prepared to send Angels to the Rescue! Through fundraising on our platform and direct impact Angel Grants via our AngeLink Community Foundation, AngeLink is built to support victims in emergency situations.

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