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Free Fundraising Powered by Women

We believe that in the 21st century, women should have their own crowdfunding platform to help and support each other, 

the people we love and the causes we believe in. 

And, it's about time. 


We're the first social crowdfunding platform inspired and powered by women.


Bring on the Goodness

When women join together with a shared vision, 

incredible things happen.  

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We're leveling the playing field

AngeLink is a new, innovative platform that's breaking the mold on social crowdfunding and transforming the way women give.  


Together we're the light of the world

We're mobilizing women with breakthrough technology 

to build our own communities with the potential for massive scale.

Powerful Technology

We're solving the problem of inequality in the market with patent pending technology and robust algorithms.

Free Marketing Tools

Our platform helps promote fundraising campaigns with unparalleled social media engagement.

Trusted. Safe. Secure

100% guarantee powered by 

sophisticated verification technology

to ensure donor protection.


Brilliantly Simple

We're taking crowdfunding one step further by unleashing the power 

of a new generation of women around the world 

to effect real and positive change. 


Fun and Addictive

At AngeLink users earn their wings for repeat giving with adorable emoji characters. Our beautiful marketing templates and promotional tools boost habit forming engagement unlike any other platform. 

Mission Driven

Thoughtful Design

Disruptive Technology


We're Unstoppable

When women act together towards a common goal, 

we're living proof of positive outcomes.


80% of the $6 billion dollars raised via social crowdfunding is dominated 

by women, and we're just getting started.

Now that's Impressive!


Our North Star

We're empowering women and promoting 

gender equality, diversity and inclusion.


We believe the world's greatest challenges are actually solveable 

with an easy-to-use platform that connects hundreds of millions 

of women around the world. 

Become an AngeLink Brand Ambassador on campus 

or in your community and be part of something bigger. 

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Social Impact at its Best

We partnered with the Aim Hi Accelerator Fund, a Donor Advised Fund at the forefront of venture philanthropy and social impact investing, to create the largest socially impactful donor network in the world. Our global giving platform promotes capacity building and scaleable funding models to achieve transformative change.

Our Vision


I started AngeLink to solve a problem. Even though women control 85% of all domestic spending in nearly every country, no platform exists for women to build their own community to help and support each other. 

So I decided to build one.

My idea was simple. To create the world's most loved crowdfunding platform powered by women. Whether it’s a fight against cancer, a natural disaster or mounting student debt, we all share times when we need a little extra help. 

At AngeLink, we’re building a powerful purpose-driven community for women to connect, engage and tell their story. By empowering women around the world, we transform lives and restore faith in humanity.

-Gerry Poirier, AngeLink CEO and Founder


We're the Beacon on the Hill

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