Lung Transplant Expenses for Roseanne Morales

Lung Transplant Expenses for Roseanne Morales

Medical 4/30/2023 Jamestown, NY
Kari Newman is raising money on behalf of Roseanne Morales.
Raised: $34,020 of $25,000 Goal
Fundraiser Story
Hi everyone!!! My name is Kari Newman. This fundraiser is for the most important person in my life—my mom Roseanne Morales. My mom was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in 2013. Unfortunately, this disease is terminal without a lung transplant. In the last few weeks, we have all realized that we are much closer to that reality. The cost of a lung transplant estimated at 900k-1.3 million dollars. We may need to stay in Cleveland with mom in the hospital from now until surgery and up to 6 weeks post. Social work estimates out of pocket expenses for family lodging, food, transportation, and many other expenses to be around 25k. Her surgery would be at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland OH, and since we are from Jamestown NY (2 hours away) many family members will be displaced for an unknown amount of time. Now, if you know my mother, you know that she would never ask for help. So I’m doing it for her and my father. They are proud people, and the thought of them having to...

Roseanne Morales
Kari Newman


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