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AngeLink is Building Life-Changing Technology

We’re reimagining crowdfunding, democratizing access to funding and developing the world's first platform to support women.

Letter From Our Founder

I started AngeLink because I saw a problem that I wanted to solve. Pervasive gender inequality and economic disparity continues to deny women a voice on a global level. Yet, no fundraising platform in the world exists to support women. So, I decided to build one. My idea was simple; to develop the world’s first, female-powered crowdfunding community to connect, empower and amplify our voices and improve the lives of billions.

Everyday women around the globe struggle to make ends meet. And I believe no one should have to choose between feeding their children or paying rent. As women we live a shared experience, being disadvantaged in so many aspects of our lives. Change is long overdue. The world faces a reckoning from centuries of gender bias and economic inequality in nearly every country.

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With love, Gerry Poirier

Why AngeLink Matters

In nearly every country on earth, women are disadvantaged from centuries of economic inequality and gender bias—and change is long overdue. AngeLink is leveling the playing field, by building the world’s largest community to support and empower women. We’re bringing innovation to social impact for the things that matter most. The AngeLink movement is giving women the power to change the world.

Meet the Team

Doing Good & Serving Others

Our team is committed to building global social capital. Here’s how we pay it forward:
  • 1% of net proceeds committed to underfunded fundraisers
  • 1% employees’ time spent volunteering in communities around the world
  • Team members give their time/talents to our AngeLink Community Foundation at no cost
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Board and Senior Advisors

Seasoned Directors, Investors and Senior Advisors are helping us to build a platform capable of global scale. Read More.

We’re Giving Women a Voice

AngeLink helps when times get tough and there’s nowhere else to turn
AngeLink social inclusion
Social inclusion

We’re committed to providing a free, transparent platform and act in an ethical, responsible manner. AngeLink promotes gender equality, inclusion and leadership. We’re building a community with a shared vision.

AngeLink social impact
Social impact

We created the AngeLink Community Foundation (ACF) to amplify transformative change. At the forefront of impact philanthropy, ACF promotes scalable funding models to create the world’s largest donor community. Learn more below.

Introducing AngeLink Community Foundation

A 501(c)(3) public charity

Through our independent non-profit organization, the AngeLink Community Foundation, we support women through grants and distributions to other charitable organizations. Here are the stats:

From massive gender pay gaps, to significant underrepresentation in managerial positions, women around the globe face economic inequality. ACF funds gender parity initiatives to level the playing field.

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In nearly every country, women lack the same legal rights and work rights as men. ACF funds programs that promote gender equality, inclusion and justice around the globe.

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Women represent the majority of the world’s poor. ACF is creating a more equitable future where all women are given the opportunity to succeed.

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Ready to start? Join our community.

Join the 80,000+ others using AngeLink to raise funds for their needs.

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