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Become a Nonprofit Alliance Partner!

Through our Nonprofit Alliance program, we partner with charitable organizations across the country to fund innovative projects that align with our values. By applying to the Nonprofit Alliance, you’ll be joining a powerful network and gain financial support to amplify your impact. Together we can be the change.

  • Designed for nonprofits that wish to receive ACF grants and/or partner with local StudentLink teams
  • Enrollment is quick and easy
  • We make grants to charities every month and provide donor receipts for nonprofit partners
  • Donations are facilitated through our technology partner, AngeLink
  • ACF doesn’t charge a fee for our services (standard transaction fees apply)

Nominations are now open for the AngeLink Community Foundation’s 100 Angels Award

The 100 Angels Award honors women at the forefront of social Impact innovation, philanthropy, volunteerism, women empowerment, and community advocacy. They’re the leaders of nonprofit organizations, homeless shelters, child safety centers, faith-based organizations, after-school enrichment programs and community leaders. They’re the female first-responders, women firefighters and police officers, nurses, and leaders of animal rescue organizations. These women are truly the unsung heroes making a difference in their communities. The 100 Angels Award is designed to shine a light, raise awareness and help raise funds to support the good work that these women do every day.

The AngeLink Community Foundation supports inclusion, diversity, and equality regardless of ethnicity, race, national origin, religion, beliefs, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or age.

Here’re the perks:
  • Creation of a free customized AngeLink fundraising award campaign to benefit your nonprofit.
  • Raise awareness and amplify donor support across our social media platforms to help you raise funds.
  • Connect with other phenomenal, top female executives at 100 charitable organizations throughout your state who’re changing lives every day.
  • Wait, it gets better... You’ll be invited to join the other fabulous women honorees of the 100 Angels Award at a cocktail celebration in your state. (Stay tuned for the cocktail reception announcement date).
  • And, did we mention, press coverage, press releases and PR opportunities. You won’t want to miss this!

Click below to nominate a very special woman making a powerful impact in your community.


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