Use These 10 Online Fundraising Ideas to Skyrocket Donations

If you’re looking for the best fundraising ideas that will help you reach your goals then look no further. We’ve covered the major fundraising categories so you can find the idea that resonates most with your cause.

Unique Fundraising Ideas to Help You Raise More Money

Whether you’re raising funds for your local animal shelter or for your pet’s surgery, try one of these unique fundraising ideas to change an animal’s life.

Animal fundraising ideas →

When it comes to business fundraising it pays off to be creative. Find inspiration from our list of in-person, hybrid, and virtual fundraising ideas to help your business stand out.

Business fundraising ideas →

For people interested in getting more involved in their community or supporting a local community cause, check out these fundraising ideas. You can make a big impact with small and big fundraisers alike.

Community fundraising ideas →

Raise money for your faith-based organization with these thoughtful and effective fundraising ideas. Faith-based communities have a strong network and these ideas can help anyone tap into that community to raise the funds they need.

Church fundraising ideas →

When it comes to emergencies, disaster relief or unexpected costs, raising money quickly makes a big difference. Try these fundraising ideas to raise the funds you need fast.

Disaster relief fundraising ideas →

We all want to help our loved ones celebrate their most exciting seasons and support them through their most difficult days. These creative fundraising ideas will help you to help others.

Family fundraising ideas →

It’s no surprise that an unexpected medical bill can put a dent in anyone’s finances these days. These fundraising ideas can help reduce that financial stress.

Medical fundraising ideas →

Memorials and funerals are an important part of honoring your loved ones. Unfortunately, they come at a high price. These fundraising ideas consider the sensitivity of the situation and offer special ways to memorialize your loved ones.

Memorial fundraising ideas →

When it comes to school, there are lots of things students need funding for including textbooks, field trips, tuition, and much more. Try out these school-specific fundraising ideas to get the funding you need.

High school fundraising ideas →

Middle school fundraising ideas →

Elementary school fundraising ideas →

College fundraising ideas →

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to score a home run, get a hole-in-one, or get a slam dunk in your next fundraiser. Try any of these fundraising ideas to get the funds needed for your next tournament, new uniforms, and whatever else you or your team needs.

Sports fundraising ideas →

Meet and Beat Your Fundraising Goals

The right fundraising idea can make all the difference in meeting your goals and make it easy to raise awareness and donations.

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