Angel Circle Dinners

Curated, fun, intimate gatherings of 20 exceptional women.

Community and Network Women Crave!


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Angel Circle Dinners reflect AngeLink’s mission to enable and encourage women to reach their highest potential. AngeLink is developing the world’s first female-powered community to drive economic equality, reimagine crowdfunding and democratize access to funding. Angel Circle Dinners are designed as a space for outstanding women to connect, celebrate, and further their own female forward missions.


Who are the Angels who attend?

Women invited to join Angel Circle Dinners are trailblazers and risk takers who’ve broken the glass ceiling. They’re extraordinary leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, senior executives, philanthropists, best-selling authors, and media mavens. They’ve built teams, run companies, raised capital, driven their own success, and helped others along the way.

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Angel Circle Community Benefits

Why join the Angel Circle?

  • 1Become part of a diverse, elite network of interesting women with shared experiences.
  • 2Access insights and advice and build personal relationships with other trailblazers.
  • 3Open doors for each other through potential opportunities and collaborations.
  • 4Be part of a movement that provides opportunities for women to thrive and succeed.
  • 5Create a collective impact and pay-it-forward to inspire and uplift other women.
  • 6Have fun! Gain instant access to new friends in different cities and access exclusive events.

Social Impact


Tickets to attend an Angel Circle Dinner are $100. A percentage of each ticket benefits underserved community members in the area where dinner is hosted. As we expand city by city and join together one dinner at a time, the mission driven Angel Circle community will support more and more individual women and create a powerful ripple effect to change the trajectory for women everywhere.

Want to join an Angel Circle Dinner?
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