AngeLink is developing the world’s first women-led community to level the playing field for female-focused missions and underserved communities. Together, we’re on a mission to drive economic equality, reimagine crowdfunding, and democratize access to funding. It’s clear that when women and diverse groups advance, the whole world benefits socially and economically. 

AngeLink + Association of Women’s Business Centers (AWBC) Partnership

AngeLink is proud to partner with the Association of Women Business Centers (AWBC). Together, we’re on a mission to drive economic equality and democratize access to funding for women business owners. When women and diverse groups advance, our entire community benefits socially and economically.

Social Impact

We value connecting with people, businesses, and organizations that share our mission to enable and encourage more women and underserved communities to reach their highest potential. AngeLink and our 501 (c) (3) organization, the AngeLink Community Foundation, work with partners dedicated to growing a network of support to advance projects, businesses, communities and those in need across the country. We love collaborating in various ways with leaders from the organizations below with a shared mission to amplify diverse voices and create a powerful social impact.

Resource Partners and Community Advocates

AngeLink is creating a radically new ecosystem of financial inclusion to advance economic equality and gender parity. We’re building a community to drive transformative social impact programs. See below a list of our resource partners and community advocates. Together, we fuel innovative programs to create a better future and affect real and positive change.

What Our Community Members Are Saying About Us

Join Us!

If you’d like to discuss a new opportunity to connect and collaborate, or if you’d like to join us as a new resource partner or community advocate, please reach out here. We’d be honored to discuss ideas and programs to further our shared mission to uplift women and underserved communities.

Here’s some ways you can work with us. Reach out. We’d love to connect.

Support a local or national fundraiser:

  • Corporate gift
  • Fund a project
  • Corporate match
  • Round up, % of sale

Encourage your team to support an important cause:

  • Community outreach
  • Employee fundraising
  • Support a fundraiser
  • Customer fundraising

Invite others to spread the word:

  • Social media partner
  • Highlight a project
  • Media support
  • Promote an event

Have a media question?

We welcome partnerships with TV, social media, print and podcasts. Check out our press page.

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