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We can’t predict emergencies, but AngeLink’s emergency fundraising is here to help you find financial relief.

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Why So Many Americans Face Financial Crisis After an Emergency


  • In 2022 there were 18 weather disasters with combined losses of over $1 billion, according to the NCEI.
  • The average cost for home repairs from storm damage ranges from $3,000 to $7,000, as per Fixr.
  • 57% of adults are unable to pay for a $1,000 emergency from savings, as reported by Bankrate.

These numbers highlight how close people are to the edge financially and how one emergency, big or small, could push them over the edge.

How AngeLink Is Built For Emergencies Fundraisers

Secure and Trusted

Our fundraiser review process ensures fraud prevention so we can keep our fundraisers safe.

Angel Grants

Helping people is our priority so we award $1,000 Angel Grants for eligible emergency fundraisers

Zero Platform Fees

Fundraising on AngeLink means you don’t have to pay a crowdfunding platform fee.

Standard credit/debit card processing fees apply.

Modern Fundraising App

Our app is full of features designed to help simplify fundraising so you can raise more money.

AngeLink Emergency Fundraiser Examples

Support Southwest Florida with Marissa Collections

Raised: $228,960

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The After Hurricane Ian devastated the Southwest Florida community of Fort Myers, local boutique Marissa Collections started an emergency fundraiser and raised $228,960 for both immediate and long-term relief to help their neighbors.

Hope after Ian: Blessed to be a Blessing

Raised: $3,000

 View This Fundraiser →  

Stacy started an emergency fundraiser for her family members who lost over 90% of their belongings due to Hurricane Ian. In the midst of this disaster, Stacy reminds us of her mother's favorite quote, “Always be humble and kind.”

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Raise Funds Fast For Emergencies Of Any Kind





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Rescue team is searching for the wounded under the debris after the earthquake


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Car Accidents

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Unexpected Expenses

We're Here for Your Emergency Fundraising Needs

Our Customer Love support team is ready 24/7 to help you with every part of your fundraising journey. We keep our Help Center up-to-date and provide expert fundraising advice in our ​​AngelNotes Blog.

Free Emergency Fundraising Resources

Get tips and ideas to help your emergency fundraiser be a success.

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