How AngeLink Is Solving Common Fundraising Problems

See how we help you create a successful fundraiser

No. 1

Fundraising with Trust™️

Safety & Security

We review and vet every campaign to promote safety, security and trust in our community. We’ve got your back!

No. 2

Crowdfunding Powered by Women™️

Women-Led Company

Our mission is to create the largest, most trusted global fundraising community to connect, empower and amplify our voices—to impact the lives of millions.

Women Dominate Fundraising

Women represent over 70% of fundraisers and donors in social crowdfunding. It’s about time there’s a platform powered by women…so we built one.

No. 3

Fundraising with Love™️

Thoughtfully Designed

Our free tools delight and engage users and give you the ability to create and share beautiful, life-changing fundraisers.

Distinctive Brand Personality

Unlock virtual rewards and awesome features to make your fundraiser shine on social media!

Seasonal Emojis

Each month, we post fun and engaging emojis to share on social media to help you grab attention for your campaign. Make sure to get yours on the AngeLink App!

Download the App to Unlock These Features

On AngeLink, you’ll earn virtual badges as a fundraiser. Donors get to share the fun too and earn beautiful rewards with every donation.

Ready to start? Join our community.

Join the 60,000+ others using AngeLink to raise funds for their needs and dreams.

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