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Animal Costs Aren’t Cheap But Fundraising Can Help


  • In the U.S. overall average vet costs are between $1,500 and $7,000 per year, according to The Zebra.
  • Every year around 6.3 million animals in the U.S. are taken in by animal shelters, as reported by the ASPCA.
  • Buying and training a service dog can cost between $15,000 to $30,000 upfront, as per NSARCO.

AngeLink is your safety net for pet expenses and the purrrfect platform to support animal welfare.

Why Use AngeLink For Animal Fundraising?

Fundraising with Love™️

Use our seasonal emojis and modern fundraising tools to easily create attention-grabbing pet fundraisers.

0% Platform Fee

We’re animal people so we want to make sure more of the money you raise goes to your furry friends.

Standard credit/debit card processing fees apply.

Trust & Safety

We verify every fundraiser that’s on our platform so you and your donors can feel safe.

Promotional Tools

We’ve got everything you need to make your fundraiser a success like QR codes, flyers, simple sharing, and more.

Check Out These Pet Fundraisers For Inspiration

Reggie Needs New Teefs

Raised: $1,500

 View This Fundraiser →  

Beloved cat Lord Reginald (lovingly referred to as Reggie) had late-stage gingivitis and needed dental surgery so that he could eat better. Team Reggie was able to raise all the funds needed for the surgery and to improve his quality of life.

Quest Senior Paws

Raised: $255

 View This Fundraiser →  

Finn is a high school student who decided to raise money for his local animal shelters as part of his senior project. After he visited a shelter for the first time he realized they needed help supporting the recent increase in homeless animals.

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Raise Money For Your Pet or Favorite Animal Cause

Young vet using digital tablet while communicating with dog at office

Vet Bills

Family, dog adoption and pet outdoor with a happy mother, girl and dad with a puppy. Happiness, love and animal care of a mom, child and man hug and hold dogs together with a smile in a park

Animal Shelters

Young divorced woman adopt young dog Labrador Retriever from animal rescue center and gave him love and friendship.

Adoption Costs

Products for animals. Dark-haired girl choosing products for her pet in a pet store

Pet Supply Expenses

Smiling professional veterinarian holding a beautiful cat after examination, the pet owner is cuddling her cat


A rabbit in for a check-up at a vet clinic

Pet Surgery

Service dog giving assistance to person with disability using a wheelchair.

Service Animal Training

School european girl and woman feeding fluffy furry alpacas lama. Happy excited child and mother feeds guanaco in a wildlife park. Family leisure and activity for vacations or weekend.

Wildlife Nonprofits

We’re Here To Help When You Need It

Whether this is your first time fundraising or you’re an expert, our Customer Love support team can help with coaching and is available to answer your questions 24/7.

Free Pet Fundraising Resources

Find fresh ideas, tips, and advice to help your pet fundraiser shine.

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