Get Financial Relief With Medical Fundraising

If you’re facing overwhelming medical bills, we have an AngeLink medical fundraising solution for you.


The Startling Cost of Healthcare Today

With or without insurance, rising medical costs are daunting. According to

  • If you break your leg it will cost up to $7,500 to fix
  • A 3-day hospital stay will set you back $30,000
  • Cancer treatment and care can cost over $100,000

Recovering from an injury or ailment is difficult enough, not to mention very physically draining. Gain peace of mind in your finances through trusted medical fundraising.

How We’re Simplifying Medical Fundraising

Trust and Safety

Our highest priority is the safety and security of every fundraiser on our platform, which is why we review every single one.

No Platform Fees

We have a 0% crowdfunding platform fee, (yes we said zero!) so you can keep more of the funds you raise.

Standard credit/debit card processing fees apply.

Modern Fundraising Tools

Our AngeLink app, badges, and seasonal emojis help you create life-changing fundraisers.

Angel Grants

We award $1,000 Angel Grants – grants are gifts – for eligible fundraisers that align with our mission.

Get Inspired By AngeLink Medical Fundraisers

Dawson's Day

Raised: $6,410

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Dawson needs heart surgery to fix an atrioventricular canal defect. Dawson’s mother Kendal has reached out to her community for support and to help cover his medical expenses. So far, seventy-three of their friends and family members have come together to give $6,200+ to support him.

Help Deb Be Mobile Again

Raised: $7,504

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After a terrible accident, Deb became confined to an at-home hospital bed and unable to walk or even stand. Her loving partner launched an AngeLink to cover the cost of a wheelchair ramp and piece of medical equipment to help Deb regain mobility. With $7,500+ raised, and the equipment ordered, Deb’s is experiencing a greatly improved quality of life.

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Get Help Today No Matter What You Need

Cancer Treatments

Surgery Costs

Nursing Care

Hospital Bills

Medical Debt

Dental Payments


Elder Care

Our Medical Partnerships

Our Team Is Here For You When You Need It

Our Customer Love support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and help make your fundraiser a success. Whether you’re new to fundraising or a seasoned pro, we’ve got your back.

Free Medical Fundraising Resources

Get expert tips for raising money for medical expenses.

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