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If you’re facing overwhelming medical bills, we have an AngeLink medical fundraising solution for you.

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Our Medical Partnerships

Get Inspired By AngeLink Medical Fundraisers

“It was really humbling to ask for help…This experience has been a lesson – people really want to help if you let them. I have paid off all of my medical bills. AngeLink has been an incredible part of it!” – Katie Joy

View Katie Joy’s Fundraiser →

“The many generous gifts have kept me going and oftentimes have moved me to tears. I am so honored and blessed.” – Vance

View Vance’s Fundraiser →

Free Medical Fundraising Resources

Get expert tips for raising money for medical expenses.

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Additional Resources

With or without insurance, rising medical costs are daunting. According to

  • If you break your leg it will cost up to $7,500 to fix
  • A 3-day hospital stay will set you back $30,000
  • Cancer treatment and care can cost over $100,000

Recovering from an injury or ailment is difficult enough, not to mention very physically draining. Gain peace of mind in your finances through trusted medical fundraising.

  • Nursing Care
  • Medical Debt
  • Dental Payments
  • Prescriptions
  • Elder Care

Our Customer Love support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and help make your fundraiser a success. You can contact us via chat, email, and phone at 877-5-ANGELINK (877-526-4354).

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