AngeLink College Ambassador AngeLink College Ambassador

Join Our College Ambassador Program

Spread Your Wings & Let Your Career Take Off

Want to grow personally and professionally? Join the hottest college ambassador program on campus and create a genuine impact. We’re looking for undergraduates with a passion for women empowerment and the following characteristics:

  • Outgoing, confident, love meeting new people
  • Born leaders with awesome marketing skills
  • Connectors who want to expand their professional network
  • Innovators who create and share breakthrough ideas
  • Kind, compassionate, advocates for the marginalized
  • Must be 18+ and enrolled in a college or university

AngeLink college ambassadors

Get compensated and…

  • Amplify AngeLink’s presence on campus
  • Connect with your tribe
  • Develop meaningful relationships
  • Hone your marketing skills
  • Bring together a community of like-minded angels
  • Have fun hosting awesome events
  • Start to build your professional network
  • Summer internship opportunity at HQ, sunny Naples, FL

Oh, and did we mention the perks?

Build Your Resume

Earn Compensation

Free Merch

Global Movement

Networking Events

Rewards & Giveaways

Service Hours

Sneak Peaks

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