AngeLink + Association of Women’s Business Centers (AWBC) Partnership

Combining Forces to Help Women Succeed:

With a national network of 150 women’s business centers serving over 100,000 entrepreneurs each year, AWBC is the leading national voice and resource for igniting the economic power of women’s entrepreneurship, and AngeLink have teamed up to support this unique solution to help women get the money they need to succeed as business owners. 

Women face a tough time getting funding to launch or grow their businesses. AWBC and AngeLink are thrilled to partner to provide hope to women by counseling and training to those who launch an AngeLink crowdfunding campaign to fund their small business.

Step 1: Start an AngeLink

Raise Money Quickly and Easily on AngeLink to Grow Your Business.

Crowdfunding for your business is simple compared to the long and tedious process of filling out extensive applications for a commercial loan, line of credit, equity capital, or micro-borrowing.

Here are 5 benefits to Crowdfunding on AngeLink:

  1. 1. Raise funds quickly from a large number of supporters
  2. 2. Build community and engage with customers
  3. 3. Boost visibility for your product or service
  4. 4. Share quickly and easily on social media
  5. 5. Gain momentum by enabling your community to share with their networks

Step 2: Get AWBC Counseling and Training for Your Business

Access Free Mentorship and Support

A special thanks to conscientious leaders and funders who support crowdfunding campaigns and this AWBC + AngeLink partnership. Together we’re empowering more female entrepreneurs and helping thousands of women get the funding they need to succeed. By combining forces with powerhouse female-forward organizations like the AWBC, we continue our mission to drive economic growth, innovation, and equality to change the trajectory for women across the country.


About AWBC

Established in 1998, AWBC is a national non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to advancing the economic impact of women's entrepreneurship. AWBC plays a pivotal role in offering capital opportunities, counseling, and training to socially and economically disadvantaged individuals looking to start or grow their business with 150 women’s business center locations throughout the United States and its territories serving over 100,000 entrepreneurs each year.

About AngeLink

AngeLink is the world’s first social crowdfunding platform powered by women. With the most advanced AI-Driven technology, we’re on a mission to connect, empower, and amplify female voices. AngeLink works with conscious companies and leaders to curate programs and solutions designed to achieve gender equality, elevate women, and empower underserved communities.

Female Business Owners Drive Economic Growth

According to the 2024 Wells Fargo Impact of Women-Owned Business Report

  • Women-owned businesses added 1.4M jobs and $580B to the economy in recent years.
  • Women-owned businesses’ growth rate outpaced the rate of men’s over 94% for number of firms, 253% for employment, and 82% for revenue.
  • Women-owned businesses also grew their workforces while men’s numbers shrank.
  • Black women and Latina entrepreneurs emerged from the pandemic stronger than all women-owned businesses.

Contact Us

For press inquiries, please contact Leila Belcher, AngeLink’s Senior Director of PR and Communications at

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