Top Family Fundraising Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Are you looking for family fundraising ideas to raise money for your favorite cause? Or maybe you want to learn how to raise money for your family reunion. Whatever the reason for family fundraising, we have some great ideas for you! Keep reading to learn how to make fundraising fun for family members of all generations.

Classic Family-Friendly Fundraising Ideas

There are so many fundraising ideas out there. And, we know it can be challenging to find ideas that are a good fit for the whole family. In general, each age group has different interests. The key is to find appealing activities that everyone can enjoy.

What better way to raise money than by selling delicious homemade treats? Ask each family member to contribute their favorite recipe. Then, set up a table at your local farmer’s market or community event. Offer people the option to donate directly to your fundraiser instead of paying by cash. It’s a fast and efficient way to promote your fundraiser and to raise money quickly and reach your goal.

Get the kids involved in fundraising by setting up a car wash in your driveway or at a local business and donate the proceeds to your chosen cause. Don’t forget to advertise with a community flier and on social media. On AngeLink, we make it easy to print and share a custom flier of your fundraiser with its own QR code so donors can easily donate to your cause. After you set up your fundraiser, all you have to do is click “share” and then “download “ to generate your own AngeLink fundraiser flier!

Do you have any unwanted items around the house? Why not turn them into cash by having a yard sale? It’s the perfect opportunity to declutter and make a little money! You can also ask your neighbors if they want to donate any items to your sale.

There are so many excellent family-friendly fundraising ideas out there, we’re confident you’ll find just the right fit for you!

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Fundraising Ideas for a Family in Need

Families in need often have a hard time fundraising. They may not have the time, resources or the social network to put together a big event. If this is your situation, there are still plenty of ways to raise money with an online fundraiser. Here are a few fundraising ideas for a family in need who may be facing a tough financial time or unexpected bills:

People want to know why you are raising money and how it will help the family in need. You can sell swag with the family’s name or with details about their situation. T-shirts or mugs can spread the word about the fundraiser even further and donors know who they are supporting.

The more you can humanize the family and their situation, the more likely people will be to donate. Your swag should help visitors get to know more about the family in need.

Sometimes tragedy strikes and a family may need your support to overcome a difficult situation. You could host a virtual jeopardy event to collect funds. In your virtual jeopardy event could include questions that are special or unique to the family in need and that further connect potential donors to their heartfelt story.

Through this event, donors would learn more about the family and how their donation can help to support a specific financial need that the family is facing.

A virtual jeopardy event can bring the community together by participating in a fun and lighthearted activity to help those emotionally recover and heal after a natural disaster like a flood or earth or an emergency. The family in need can host the event, if they are able, so they can be active participants in the fundraiser.

When you are asking for donations, don’t be afraid to ask for small amounts. Every little bit helps and everyone has a different budget. Donors can contribute according to a small percentage at a give back night. This allows your donors to control how much they want to donate based on how much food they order that night. Donors are already paying for a meal. With a give back night, they can also contribute to the family in need.

No matter what type of fundraiser you decide to host, be sure to put your heart into it and tell the family’s story. With a little effort, you’re sure to reach your fundraising goals.

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First-Class Fundraising Ideas for Family Reunions

If you need to raise money for your family reunion, we have you covered! Here are a few fun and easy family fundraising ideas.

This is a fantastic way to get everyone involved in the reunion planning process. Ask each family member to contribute their favorite recipe. Then, put them all together in a cookbook. You can sell the cookbooks online or at your reunion itself.

You can use Canva or a similar free online design tool to create your cookbook. Be sure to include a few family photos in the book as well!

Everyone loves pancakes! You can host a pancake breakfast at your reunion venue or even in a public park. Make sure you get all the necessary permits first.

Don’t forget to make both sweet and savory toppings available. You can also offer other breakfast items like bacon, eggs and fruit.

If you or any of your family members are crafty, put your skills to good use by hosting a craft sale. You can sell everything from handmade jewelry to quilts.

To build hype for your craft sale, create a social media page where you showcase some of the items for sale. Don’t forget to link to your fundraiser. Bonus points if you can think of a cute name for your craft sale! A little bit of branding goes a long way.

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Did you Love These Family Fundraising Ideas?

AngeLink is the perfect platform for family fundraisers. Fun fact: we are the world’s first crowdfunding platform powered by women. We offer a completely trustworthy and secure interface for collecting donations. You can be sure that your funds are safe at all times!

With our easy-to-use fundraising tools, you can launch your fundraiser for free. Our adorable badges, stickers and Angel emojis will bring a smile to your face. It gets even better—we have a team of experts who are always available to help you reach your fundraising goals. We have plenty of family fundraising ideas to get you started.

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