9 High School Fundraising Ideas That Students Will Be Excited About

High school students are more independent than middle schoolers. At this age, they know their interests and what they are passionate about. Often, they are super involved in organizations at their school. Whether they are in the band or captain of the cheerleading team, high school students are busy.

They might need funds for sports equipment, field trips, art supplies, or school projects. These are just a few examples of why they might want to start an online fundraiser. When it comes to supporting causes they care about, high school students are willing to put in the extra effort to be successful. Here are some high school fundraising ideas your students will get excited about.

Effective Fundraising Ideas for High School Sports

Let’s face it: Sports are not cheap. There are a lot of expenses associated with high school sports teams. Equipment, travel costs…you name it! And that’s why school fundraising is important. Here are a few fundraising ideas for high school sports to get you started:

This is a classic fundraiser that can be set up by your students. All you need is a table, some lemonade mix and some cups.

You can also sell other snacks like cookies or brownies if you want to provide more options for students.

Remember, high schoolers don’t usually have a lot of money. (They’re kids, after all!) Low-priced items will attract the most buyers. For cashless options, you can have an online fundraiser. You can collect donations with cards or applications like Google pay or Apple pay.

Many restaurants are willing to partner with local schools and organizations for fundraisers. Work out a deal with the restaurant to see if they are willing to donate proceeds or host a sports night one evening to benefit your sports team.

To find the right restaurant to team up with, ask other parents or relatives. Or you can contact the manager of a local restaurant to ask them to help support your cause by participating in a community event to benefit your sports team.

You can promote the event online through social media and your online fundraiser page. Create images or short-form videos advertising your fundraiser. Allow people to reshare your content and spread the word.

Get businesses and community members involved in your fundraiser and you could dramatically increase your chances of reaching your goal. Individuals or businesses can “rent” your sports team for a day or a week. The team can do odd jobs, yard work, or anything else they need help with. This is an excellent way to raise some extra money for your team.

Donors can make requests through your online fundraising page. Their donations would count as payment for each activity. You could also set up a calendar so everyone knows when each member of your team is available to work on tasks. Your team can even share fun pictures and videos online of your hard work!

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Reliable Fundraising Ideas for High School Clubs

High school clubs are an interactive way for students to get involved in their passions. But, like sports teams, they can also be costly to run. Here are a few fundraising ideas for high school clubs to help you raise funds:

A color run is an event where participants run or walk. On the course, the host sprays them with colored powder. It’s a fun way to get people involved and active and it’s a great way to raise money for your club.

To host a color run, you’ll need to find a location to hold the event and then promote it to your community. You can also partner with a local business to help with the costs.

People can pay their entry fee on your online fundraiser page and get access to the location information. You could also collect payments for any extra color run swag. Participants can share their pictures and videos from the color run online during and after the event.

Want to get the whole school involved in your fundraiser? Host a movie night! You can charge an admission fee and all the proceeds can go toward your club. You can also sell concessions to raise even more money.

Hint: Popcorn and candy will be a big hit!

Sometimes, high schoolers need a pick-me-up. Help them out by putting together care packages full of goodies, school supplies or other small items.

Care packages cheer students up as they navigate challenges. Finals week or difficult classes can take a toll on students. You can order these care packages for your kids and all the proceeds will go towards your student’s club. Create an online fundraiser that clearly outlines each care package and its “cost” so it’s easy for people to order and donate.

Here are some ideas for items to include in the care packages:

  • Snacks like granola bars, fruit snacks, or trail mix
  • School supplies like pens, pencils, or highlighters
  • Fun items like stickers, temporary tattoos, or playing cards

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Classic High School Band Fundraising Ideas

Are you in need of some new instruments or equipment for your high school band? If so, there’s never been a better time to raise money with an online fundraiser! Here are high school band fundraising ideas to help you meet your fundraising goal:

You might as well show off the talents of your band students! Put on a concert and charge an admission fee. If you want to raise even more money, you can find sponsors for the event or sell concessions. You can collect donations via your online fundraiser.

To promote the concert, post fliers around the school in prominent places. It’s also a good idea to ask students to spread the word about the event on their social media platforms.

“Battle of the bands” is when different bands compete against each other. This can be a great way to raise money for your student’s band and get some exposure!

To host a battle of the bands event, you’ll need to find a location and then promote it to other local bands. You can charge an entry fee for each band and you can also charge for admissions. There are many ways to monetize this type of event, so get creative!

Every high school student has at least one teacher they really love or potentially dislike. A pie-in-the-face fundraiser is the perfect event to relieve that tension and have a good laugh! For a small fee, donors can purchase a few pies.

You could also set up a bidding system where the highest bidder gets to choose who they want to pie in the face in advance. Students and teachers can sign up for time slots on your online fundraiser page.

The money raised can go towards a sports team’s uniforms or a high school dance. You could even sell pie-themed merch or host the event on Pi day. Make sure that you clean up any mess afterwards to ensure some good “clean” fun for everyone!

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Ready, Set, Fundraise!

We hope these fundraising ideas for high school will help you reach your goals. Once you have a few solid ideas on how you want to raise money and support your cause, it’s time to set up your fundraiser. AngeLink is the best platform for high school fundraisers. You’ll get a custom fundraiser page, fun social media badges and more. We have many high school fundraising ideas to help you get started. Even better, we have a team of experts who are always here to help. Ready to see how easy and fun fundraising can be?

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