Home 4 autistic kids

Home 4 autistic kids

Loved Ones 6/26/2022 Palm Coast, FL
Laurie Howes is raising money for this fundraiser.
Raised: $2,550 of $3,500 Goal
Fundraiser Story
We lost our house in June of 2021 and me and my two disabled kids have been hopping from one hotel to another for over 12 months now and had to pawn and sell all of my belongings just so my kids didn't have to live on the streets!! WELL FINALLY AFTER TWELVE VERY VERY LONG AND STRESSFUL MONTHS I FOUND A HOME FOR US !!!!!!!!!! But I just don't have any money to buy my kids anything like a bed or couch or anything. Even if it just a bed so they have somewhere to sleep and since things are Finally looking up for us once I get some money I will pay it forward and help anybody else I can please. Not asking for a handout just a hand up please and may God bless you everybody!! Thank you so very very much and my poor disabled kids thank you also. UPDATE!!!! KIDS love it here but still struggling cause no furniture and all the money went to deposit on apartment and security deposit on electric and forgot how much that was 😢 Thanks again but first month rent coming up and anything helps...

Laurie Howes


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