Support Research on Cancer Associated Retinopathy

Support Research on Cancer Associated Retinopathy

Medical 1/8/2023 Ambler, PA
Emma Yang is raising money on behalf of Uyhazi Lab.
Raised: $415 of $2,000 Goal
Fundraiser Story
Cancer associated retinopathy (CAR) is a devastating disorder that can result from many types of cancer. When this occurs, the body’s attempt to kill cancerous cells also impacts the eye, causing blindness. Because the retina cannot repair itself, this loss of vision is considered permanent - but imagine if there was a way to reverse the blindness. Several years ago, this would have seemed impossible. However, Dr. Katherine Uyhazi is currently exploring this incredible possibility in her lab at Penn Medicine by replacing damaged cells in the retina with healthy vision cells. Although this concept is promising, much is still to be learned about the transplant process. I was immediately captivated by Dr. Uyhazi's cutting-edge research while watching her presentation at the Global Summit for Cancer Research and Entrepreneurship. She makes the impossible (reversing vision loss) seem possible. Her dedication to this field is admirable and inspired me to partner with her lab in this campai...

Uyhazi Lab
Emma Yang


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