The Girl Who Lived!

The Girl Who Lived!

Nonprofit 8/30/2022 Glyndon, MD
Karen Hatz is raising money on behalf of MEMORIAL SLOAN-KETTERING CANCE...
Raised: $50,200 of $50,000 Goal
Fundraiser Story
Dear friends and family, This spring marked a miraculous and special anniversary of my childhood Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer diagnosis…making it a 50th year celebration. My journey began at the young age of nine and I’ve just recently reached my 59th birthday. I am fully aware of the uniqueness of my survivorship. Not every childhood cancer patient lives well past their diagnosis as I have, but many live longer now because of the continuous research and improved treatment protocols. I’m proud to say that I’ve helped to pioneer that path for others and there are many unmentioned children who have done the same. I pray that my story of survivorship touches many hearts, in many ways, for many years to come. I am personally aware of the need for a bit of encouragement when dealing with illness and financial difficulties that families face when dealing with such a catastrophic and life altering event in their lives. It is my desire to honor the hospital that was instrumental in hel...

Karen Hatz


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