Support Ice Cream Shop Employing Disabled Adults

Support Ice Cream Shop Employing Disabled Adults

Nonprofit 4/7/2023 Gainesville, GA
Midland Ice Cream Social is raising money on behalf of Randy and Friends
Raised: $2,232 of $125,000 Goal
Fundraiser Story
North Georgia nonprofit Randy and Friends, Inc., Seeks to Build Inclusive Ice Cream Shop. Quick notes on our goal: - Our current Mobile Ice Cream Cart (Midland Ice Cream Social) employs 8 adults with disabilities, a storefront would allow us to employ close to 20 or more. - New Storefront would allow for more space to store and serve ice cream and sell goods handcrafted by disabled adults in our community. - An Inclusive Ice Cream shop will bring joy, inclusion, awareness, and advocacy to the surrounding areas- service with a smile and ice cream with a purpose. - Employing adults with disabilities increases their independence, allows them more access to the community they are a vital part of, and paves the way for future accessibility and inclusion in the workforce. More details: To further inclusion and independence for adults with disabilities in North Georgia, our parent organization, Randy and Friends, Inc., seeks to purchase and build out a brick-and-mortar Ice Cream Shop. Fo...

Randy and Friends
Fundraising Team: Midland Ice Cream Social


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