Mellow Magnolia Start up

Mellow Magnolia Start up

Business 9/24/2022 Winchester, TN
Erica Alexander is raising money for this fundraiser.
Raised: $1,220 of $2,000 Goal
Fundraiser Story
My name is Erica and the business I am wanting to open is called Mellow Magnolia. This fundraiser will be benefitting myself as much as that goes against who I am but I was unable to find the organization I would like to donate to which is The Full Moon Healing Project, which helps survivors of DV and their families find a safe environment to overcome obstacles in their lives. I am a mother of three with a self-employed husband, and two doggos and I want to be able to provide better for them than I can at the moment in my current career along with spending more time with my children. This fundraiser will help me along the process of obtaining the licenses needed to properly open a business as well as purchasing supples for renovations. Any donations are always appreciated in starting this journey in mine and my families lives. Thank You. Please check me out on Facebook, Mellow Magnolia!

Erica Alexander


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