Help Deb Be Mobile Again

Help Deb Be Mobile Again

Medical 4/19/2022 Corryton, TN
Donnis Minx is raising money on behalf of Debra Harless.
Raised: $7,604 of $13,000 Goal
Fundraiser Story
Since August, Deb, my beloved partner of 39 years, has been completely confined to a hospital bed in our living room. She was dropped from the back of an ambulance on the asphalt at the base of our driveway with a stretcher strapped to her back. Her left elbow was shattered and her entire left side severely bruised. For a long while we were in total shock and disbelief that this could happen. For someone whose body was already in so much pain due to decades of the debilitating effects of rheumatoid arthritis, this was a tragic blow. It was a horrible traumatic event. After surgery, requiring 3 plates and twenty some screws, and a week in the hospital, Deb was sent home with orders for no weight bearing on her arm. This meant no sitting, no standing, no walking — for many, many weeks. By the time PT gave the okay for her to attempt to stand, her legs were de-conditioned to the point of needing more help than Home Health could give. Unfortunately, she was denied admittance to the PT r...

Debra Harless
Donnis Minx


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