Help Tim Walk and Work Again

Help Tim Walk and Work Again

Medical 9/22/2022 Naples, FL
Bailey Haas is raising money on behalf of Tim Billings.
Raised: $6,675 of $12,000 Goal
Fundraiser Story
Our friend and hardworking longtime residential painter, Tim Billings, suffered a catastrophic Grand Mal seizure while driving, and nearly lost his leg. His car was totaled as it struck three trees, leaving him unconscious and pinned inside. Paramedics and firefighters saved his life. But Tim's right femur was broken in 2 places and his left foot completely crushed. He has undergone three surgeries so far and is facing at least 1-2 more to reconstruct his foot and ankle. Unable to work for the last 5 months, Tim had to vacate his small apartment and move in with a friend in a one room studio. With no income to pay medical bills or rent, Tim is in great need of help. Diagnosed with Epilepsy, Tim will now no longer ever be able to drive again. With medical care and many more months of therapy, he will walk again without crutches, but he will NEVER be able to climb ladders to paint or drive himself to work or any other destination. He will be out of work for at least a year. HIs ...

Tim Billings
Bailey Haas


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