Help a single mother recover from Hurricane Ian

Help a single mother recover from Hurricane Ian

Emergency 10/7/2022 Fort Myers, FL
Paulina Gonzalez is raising money on behalf of Cándida rosa ramoz tercero.
Raised: $1,495 of $3,000 Goal
Fundraiser Story
Candida saw the water rising to her chest and chin and sprung into action. Her and her children’s survival was at risk. She shouldered two of her children (both under 10 years old) and swam across her neighborhood to safety. After hurricane Ian, Candida and her three children lost everything. They lost their clothes, food, medications, means of transportation, and their jobs. Candida’s home is now rotting with mold due to the flooding, and these conditions make it unsafe for her and her children to live there. My family and I met Candida while helping the community and we’re helping her through this process and collecting funds. The funds raised in this campaign will go towards helping this single mother and her children recover from this disastrous hurricane such as relocating to a new home, food, clothes, every day essentials, and to replace all the physical items they lost during the hurricane.

Cándida rosa ramoz tercero
Paulina Gonzalez


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