We’re Here to Help in Hurricane Relief

Support Those In Need of Hurricane Relief


Donate to an AngeLink Fundraiser


Consider making a donation to an AngeLink fundraiser for hurricane relief. Your support can make a significant impact in providing assistance to those affected by hurricanes, helping them rebuild their lives, and recover from the devastation.

Or You can Also Pay it Forward...

Make sure to include the following in your AngeLink fundraiser description:

  • Who you’re raising money for?

  • How they’ve been directly affected by this tragedy?

  • Where they’re located?

  • How they’ll use the funds raised?

Please note that if you’re raising funds for someone else, you may be responsible for personally transferring funds raised to the beneficiary. If so, describe how funds will be delivered to the beneficiary.

*AngeLink currently operates in the U.S.A and does not accept donations or fundraisers launched by individuals from locations outside of the U.S.A.


Hurricane Relief Resource List


Keep an eye on the development of storms and keep in touch with family members and friends to ensure they have a plan in place.

Be prepared by creating an emergency kit ahead of time. (Access our AngeLink Emergency Kit Planner).

If you need to evacuate when storms occur, make sure you call a friend or family member in a safe location to arrange a place to stay. Fill the car with gas, and leave as soon as possible.

If you plan to stay, make sure you have all the supplies needed to protect your home and check with your homeowner’s insurance if floods are covered.

Don’t forget your beloved pets. When planning for each scenario, consider your furry friends, too. Research which shelters accept pets, contact hotels regarding their emergency pet policies or animal shelters that provide emergency shelter for pets.

If floods are not covered, consider purchasing a flood insurance policy. Protect windows, doors and garage doors, and check that your generator works properly (if you have one).

Emergency Assistance: Dial 911 or FEMA Helpline: 800-621-3362.


Emergency Shelter: American Red Cross, or Salvation Army or text SHELTER and your zip code to 4FEMA (43362) or download
FEMA Mobile App to find shelters.
For Spanish text REFUGIO with your zip code.


Immediate Needs: Dial 211 to check local emergency services and volunteer agencies.


Emergency Mental Health Concerns: Seek help from the Disaster Distress Helpline.


Disability Support: For individuals with disabilities, or access and functional needs.


FEMA Help for Individuals and Households (HIP): Provides financial assistance to those affected by a disaster, who with serious needs who are uninsured or underinsured.


Help from the U.S. Small Business Administration: The SBA offers low-interest disaster loans to homeowners and renters in declared disaster areas.


How to Build an Emergency Fund: Preparing for the Unexpected

The victims of natural disasters need the support of others more than ever as they navigate their lives moving forward. Here’s how you can help:

Direct Impact

The AngeLink community comes together to support others in times of need.

Simplified Fundraising

Simple to set up, easy to use, 24/7 Customer Love Support.

Fraud Prevention

Patent-pending technology, ingenious algorithms

Fundraising For Hurricane Relief

Start an AngeLink fundraiser to get the help you need for yourself or others in the aftermath of a hurricane. We’re here to lift you up when you need it most.


See how AngeLink helped on the ground for Hurricane Ian


Last year, in response to the devastating impact of Hurricane Ian on Southwest Florida, we took immediate action to support our community. Our collective effort demonstrated the strength of community solidarity and showcased our steadfast commitment to providing rapid assistance during times of crisis, making a significant difference in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

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