Emergency Response & Ways to Help In a Crisis

When an emergency occurs, whether it’s a natural disaster or a national or international crisis, AngeLink is standing by with Angels to the Rescue. We’re here to help for relief and recovery efforts and to rebuild after an emergency.

If you were affected by an emergency, Start a Fundraiser.

Recent Emergency Fundraisers

Help Israeli Victims of War

Israeli citizens are under fire from missiles and terrorist attacks. Families, women, children and infants have been injured, killed and taken hostage. The situation is dire and families are searching for their loved ones who are missing. Thousands are without shelter and are fleeing.

Trust & Safety

Our bank-grade security is powered by robust anti-fraud algorithms.

How We Verify Fundraisers

Our AI technology, proprietary algorithms and compliance team ensure security.

Impactful Fundraising

Free tools and helpful tips make fundraising fun and easy.

Fundraising for Emergencies & Disasters





Acts of Terror

Mass Shootings

General Accidents

A Note On Trust & Safety

At AngeLink trust and safety is #1! We leverage superior Artificial Intelligence (AI), plus our highly skilled and caring “human” team conducts manual audits on our platform to ensure security and to keep our community safe. Our breakthrough technology, bank-grade security and patent-pending algorithms promote trust and safety across our network. For more support, check out our Help Center.

Free Emergency Response Resources

Fundraising ideas to boost your fundraiser’s awareness and donations.

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You’ve heard of saving for a rainy day? Here are tips to help you be prepared if that day comes.

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Find financial and emotional support in the wake of a devastating natural disaster.

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