AngeLink Straight From The Heart

$1,000 Supporting Our Community

AngeLink Gives Back

AngeLink is partnering with iHeartRadio to support YOU as part of our community. AngeLink is giving back Straight From The Heart with a surprise $1,000 to a lucky fundraiser every month. If you need to raise money for yourself, a friend, someone you love or a cause you believe in, start an AngeLink fundraiser today!

Everyone Can Participate

If you have a fundraising emergency for yourself or a friend or perhaps a need for your school, church or community organization, launch an AngeLink fundraiser! It’s easy, safe and trusted.

Be Sure to Include The Following Key Fundraiser Components:

  • Set your goal
  • Tell why you’re raising money with your own compelling story
  • Add a quality photo or a video
  • Share on social media

Download the AngeLink App for added convenience and functionality!

Because We Care

AngeLink and iHeartRadio are coming together to lend a helping hand. We all share times when we could use extra help. With AngeLink’s powerful crowdfunding tools, you can raise money for yourself and those you care about, whether it’s for medical expenses, emergency costs or funeral arrangements. Through the AngeLink Straight From The Heart program, we’re serving the community and helping you when you need it most!

Straight From The Heart Stations

How Can My Fundraiser Be Successful on AngeLink?

Social fundraising is the key to boosting your success. By leveraging the power of your own social network, you can increase your reach and achieve your goal.

  • Send Texts & Emails:

    Take a moment to send a heartfelt message to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and community to explain why you’re raising money. Allow others to support you. People who know you best will want to help.

  • Share on Social Media:

    Boost your fundraiser’s visibility and encourage donations by sharing on your social media accounts! Post your fundraiser on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat, and ask your network to support your cause by donating and sharing your fundraiser link.

  • Share Emojis:

    AngeLink’s colorful emojis make giving fun and engaging! Our cute emojis are a great way to grab donors’ attention and add a touch of charm to your fundraising efforts. Simply access the AngeLink App to add some fun to your campaign.

  • Print QR Code Flier:

    Increase awareness for your fundraiser by printing your QR code flier to share around town. You can post your personal AngeLink flier at local businesses, bulletin boards, church events or in the cafeteria at work. If you don’t have a printer, you can take a screenshot of your flier and send it as a text message.

    Getting your community involved in your fundraiser is a great way to spread the word and boost your success. This quick and convenient method can help you gain support from your local community and encourage others to donate with just a few clicks.

Get Inspired By AngeLink Medical Fundraisers

Check out these fundraisers on AngeLink that achieved success through the power of community sharing. Their inspiration can motivate you moving forward.

Support for the McRae Family

Raised: $23,422 from 226 donors

  View This Fundraiser →  

Tricia Freiberg launched an AngeLink on behalf of this family who lost their child Artemis. “My heart is broken for this amazing family. The world deserved to know the person Artemis was becoming.” “Thank you for your understanding, your generosity, your support, and any donation you are able to provide during this impossible situation.”

Isaiah Standard has agressive brain cancer

Raised: $11,200 from 70 donors

  View This Fundraiser →  

“My name is Margo Aichele, the owner of Margo's Hair and More in Walla Walla. I've known Isaiah as a close childhood friend of my son, Dexter. Isaiah is incredibly smart, but is also kind, caring, funny and witty. And he is shy. He would not reach out for help. This is why I am doing it.”

Get Help Anytime with Our Customer Love Team

When you need assistance, our dedicated Customer Love support team is always available to help make your fundraiser a success. We’re here to support you whether you’re new to fundraising or an experienced pro.

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