Support for the McRae Family

Support for the McRae Family

Medical 10/26/2022 Warrenton, VA
Tricia Freiberg is raising money on behalf of Kallie McRae.
Raised: $23,449 of $30,000 Goal
Fundraiser Story
This was shared by Artemis’ dad on Nov 1 and seems like the most appropriate story to share: Today at 1:45pm, Artemis Harrison McRae passed away in my arms. Artemis, you were our perfect little boy. You were brilliant, hilarious, adorable, so silly, and loved more you could possibly imagine. There are no words to express the grief we all feel. The guilt I feel for going on without you. The love I will always feel for you. You were taken from us far too soon. No child deserves the pain and fear and loss you endured and no parent deserves the 13 days of pure hell that we endured. Your Mommy and Daddy will try to go on without you, but know that every day, every minute that passes will be hollow now that you are gone. The most mundane tasks will be a stab to the heart without you. Your life was the best 2 years we have ever experienced or will ever experience again. You were robbed of your enormous potential for life and our future life together far, far too soon. Goodbye my sweet, sweet ...

Kallie McRae
Tricia Freiberg


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