How to Promote a Fundraiser: Tips for Sharing Online and Offline

So, how do you promote a fundraiser? The goal is to create awareness and to attract potential donors. Promoting your fundraiser builds excitement and momentum. It’s important to be clear about your cause and how people can get involved. Donors will want to know how to contribute. If you don’t know how to promote a fundraiser, we are here to help! Always promote your fundraiser online and offline to reach the widest audience.

3 Ways to Promote a Fundraiser Online

Here are ways you can reach a wide audience and generate interest in your online fundraiser:

Did you know that 12% of Facebook shares and 3% of Twitter shares lead to donations?

Social media is a great way to promote your fundraiser and reach a large audience with little effort. You can also use social media to connect with donors. Remember the platform you pick can make a big difference when it comes to social media sharing. Fundraising platforms like AngeLink provide seasonal emojis and badges to help drive awareness on social media.

Here are some examples of how to promote a fundraiser on social media:

  • Instagram: Use hashtags, post photos, and share videos. Collaborate with influencers and take advantage of Instagram Stories.
  • Facebook: Share the fundraiser on your personal profile and relevant group pages.
  • TikTok: Make a video about your fundraiser and use hashtags. Collaborate with other users and try using a TikTok trend to go viral.
  • Snapchat: Add a geofilter for your event location and create a Snapcode for people to scan. You can also promote your fundraiser on your Snap story.

No matter what option you pick to promote your fundraiser, make sure to make multiple posts or share your fundraiser multiple times. Social media algorithms can be tricky, so you never know when someone last saw your post. Switch up the message and photos used each time you post to attract more donors and create new interest.

Expert tip: Don’t forget to ask your friends to share your fundraiser as well! They can add personal comments to show their connection to the cause and generate support.

53% of people who receive an email about an online fundraiser will make a donation.

Another great way to reach people is through email. Include the fundraiser details in your email and consider using an eye-catching image.

You can send emails to:

  • Contacts including family, friends or co-workers of the beneficiary or yours
  • Members of an organization or group you or the beneficiary belongs to
  • People who have attended fundraising events in the past
  • Customers or clients of the beneficiary’s or your business

Need help writing your fundraiser email? Read How to Write a Fundraising Email for tips on subject lines, templates, and more.

News outlets are always looking for the next big story. To generate buzz in your local community, reach out to news and media channels! They may be willing to give you their platform to discuss the fundraiser. Some channels might even offer an interview or do live coverage of the event.

You can also share the details about the news coverage on social media and your fundraiser page. If you’re lucky, your fundraiser could even end up on national news. Make sure to prepare answers to questions they may ask and provide links to the fundraiser.

Read How to Get Media Coverage for Your Fundraiser and Media Interview Tips to Promote Your Fundraiser for more tips.

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3 Ways to Promote a Fundraiser Offline

There are also many ways to promote your fundraiser offline. If your potential donors are not active online, you can also use these ideas to promote your fundraiser:

A great way to promote your fundraiser is to get friends and family involved. They can help you with hanging fliers and running a fundraiser event. You can also ask for help from local volunteers or your neighbors.

For example, if you’re raising money for a local animal shelter you can set up a table at a pet fair or adoption event. Your table could display your online fundraiser information for donors.

Don’t forget to also share your fundraiser with coworkers and acquaintances. The more people you have spreading the word, the more successful your fundraiser will be.

A fundraising event is a tried and true method to collect donations. You can have a dance, talent show or a cook-off to raise money. Your friends and family can help host the event. Keep in mind that it does not have to be a large event. A fundraising event within your local community can still help you raise the funds you need.

At your event, advertise your online fundraiser. You can continue to collect donations even after the event is over. You can also encourage people at the event to share your fundraiser online.

To attract donors to your fundraiser, you need to have eye-catching materials. Make sure to advertise your online fundraiser by having QR codes ready to scan on your flyers. Fundraising platforms like AngeLink have built-in flyers for each fundraiser to make it easy. Post your fliers around your local community on bulletin boards or ask local businesses if they can post them in their windows.

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Drive Awareness to Your Fundraiser Today

There are many ways to promote a fundraiser, both online and offline. By using different tactics, you can reach the widest possible audience. And now you know how to promote a fundraiser on social media to attract the most attention. By reaching out to as many people as possible, you can make your fundraiser a success. Make use of built-in fundraising features that make it easy to share. Platforms like AngeLink make sharing simple so you can drive awareness. Find out How AngeLink Is Solving Common Fundraising Problems.

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