Learn How to Write a Fundraising Story: Template & Examples

One of the most powerful tools in a fundraiser’s toolkit is their story. A fundraising story is a personal account of a situation you or a loved one are going through. It explains what is going on and why you need funds. It is a way to connect with potential donors on a deeper level and inspire them to contribute. It could be a donor’s first introduction to your cause. You want it to stand out and have an impact on its readers.

Be sure to personalize your story. Fundraisers that add personal information get 79% more supporters. Tell donors about the faces behind your cause. You can create a sentimental connection with people.

We have the best tips to help you write your story! Our guide provides fundraising story examples. Plus, we offer an easy-to-follow fundraising story template.

How to Write a Compelling Story for Fundraising

When you are writing a fundraising story, it is important to keep the following elements in mind:

  • The story should be about the person, or people in need of help
  • If you’re not the beneficiary include your connection to them
  • Be specific so donors know how they can help
  • Outline how the funds will be used
  • Have a positive tone and highlight the difference a donation can make
  • Ask others to share your fundraiser on social media
  • Ask a friend to read your story and provide feedback before you share it
  • Finally, proofread your story before you hit publish

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Fundraising Story Examples To Guide Your Writing

Are you unsure of what to write? Here are our favorite fundraising story examples:

Help Caleb Hear!

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  • Explain the situation: “We’re reaching out to help support Caleb Poirier, who as many of you know, was born without ears, a condition called: Bilateral (both ears) Grade 3 Microtia with Atresia. This means that Caleb’s outer ears never developed in utero and the opening to his ear canals did not exist.”
  • Explain why you need help: “Caleb’s parents, Ryan and Jessica, found a solution to help Caleb hear with multi- bilateral surgeries on Caleb’s Microtia (outer ear) and the Atresia (ear canals) . . . Caleb now requires another surgery in July 2022.”
  • Explain how donations will make a difference: “We’re reaching out to you to ask for your help to raise funds through AngeLink to help pay for Caleb’s 4th surgery and ongoing medical bills so that little Caleb can hear.”

Katie Joy’s Breast Cancer Treatment Fund

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  • Share a personal story: “The road ahead of me is long. I have chemo through the summer, then a total left mastectomy in September, and then 4-6 weeks of radiation after that.”
  • Show appreciation: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any help you might offer.”

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Use This Fundraising Story Template

If you still don’t know where to begin, we have an easy-to-follow fundraising story template for you. You can write a few sentences for each bullet point to explain your cause in more detail. Adapt the template to match your audience and fundraiser goals!

“Dear [your audience],

We are reaching out to ask for your help.”

  • Explain the situation: “My beloved dog, Milo, is suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis. He is in intensive care, and we are hoping he can have a successful recovery with the proper treatment.”
  • Explain why you need help: “Treatments and medications are expensive. We are not in the best spot financially to provide for Milo. We are asking for your help to offset the costs of Milo’s medical bills.”
  • Share a personal story: “As many of you know, Milo has been in our family for years. He has grown up with our son, and we hope they can continue to spend their teenage years together.”
  • Explain how donations will make a difference: “All donations will go to Milo’s treatment and recovery. You will be saving a valued member of our family.”
  • Show appreciation: “Thank you for your kindness and support!”

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Write Your Fundraising Story Now!

Now you know how to write a compelling story for fundraising. It’s time for you to get started! With AngeLink’s easy-to-use platform, you can start a fundraiser for your cause in no time! You’ll be on your way to writing an engaging fundraising story! And in turn, encourage donations from your supporters.

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