Help Caleb Hear!

Help Caleb Hear!

Loved Ones 5/30/2022 Naples, FL
Gerry Poirier is raising money on behalf of Caleb Poirier.
Raised: $13,885 of $14,000 Goal
Fundraiser Story
Dear friends and family: We’re reaching out to help support Caleb Poirier, who as many of you know, was born without ears, a condition called: Bilateral (both ears) Grade 3 Microtia with Atresia. This means that that Caleb's outer ears never developed in utero and the opening to his ear canals did not exist. Caleb’s inner ear (where hearing actually takes place) was functional but everything on the outside of Caleb’s head was completely closed off and no outer ears ever developed. Doctors tried to help Caleb with 2 BAHA (bone anchored hearing aids) which Caleb has worn for 4 years attached to his little head when he was only 7 weeks old. After several years of research and study, Caleb’s parents, Ryan and Jessica, found a solution to help Caleb hear with multi- bilateral surgeries on Caleb’s Microtia (outer ear) and the Atresia (ear canals). The surgery for Caleb brought together 2 world-class surgeons who agreed to operate on Caleb and take on his very complex case. With an i...

Caleb Poirier
Gerry Poirier


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