Helping Our Global Community to Rebuild from Acts of Terrorism and Acts of War

Give to Those in Need

All of humanity suffers when terror and violence strike. There are no winners. Those left behind struggle to survive in dire need of support. At AngeLink, we stand against violence and hatred. We believe in the power of community to bring relief and recovery. Together, we can bring light to despair.


Donate to Help Israeli Victims of War


Israeli citizens are under fire from missiles and terrorist attacks. Families, women, children and infants have been injured, killed and taken hostage. The situation is dire and families are searching for their loved ones who are missing. Thousands are without shelter and are fleeing.

Or You can Also Pay it Forward...

Make sure to include the following in your AngeLink fundraiser description:

  • Who is your fundraiser benefiting? If it is an organization, what is their mission?

  • How were they directly affected by this tragedy?

  • Where are they located?

  • How will the money raised be used?

Please note that if you’re raising funds for an individual or organization, you may be responsible for personally transferring funds raised to the beneficiary. If so, explain how the funds will be delivered to the beneficiary.

*AngeLink currently operates in the U.S.A and does not accept donations or fundraisers launched by individuals from locations outside of the U.S.A.


Acts of Terrorism Resource List


Empower yourself with knowledge and resources to better understand and support those affected by acts of terrorism.

Access emergency hotlines both domestic and/or international for immediate assistance and support for victims and their families.

Find information on legal aid and resources for navigating legal challenges resulting from terrorism or acts of war.

Learn about U.S. and/or international government programs and services available to victims of terrorism and war.

Stay up-to-date on resources and relief organizations for acts of terrorism and violence. Learn more.


Safety List


If you’re considering starting a fundraiser for victims of terrorism, it’s important to ensure your campaign is safe and legitimate. Here’s a checklist to follow:

Confirm the funds will go to a legitimate organization or individual with a clear connection to the cause.

Clearly communicate your fundraising goals, how funds will be used, and your relationship (if any) with the beneficiary.

If you come across any fraudulent campaigns or suspicious behavior, report it to the AngeLink Support Team.

Stay up-to-date with crowdfunding best practices and safety guidelines from the beneficiary organization.

Together, we stand with those affected by horrific acts of terrorism or acts of war. Please join us to bring hope and healing to those who need it most.

Direct Impact

The AngeLink community unites to benefit others in times of need.

Simplified Fundraising

Simple to start, easy to use, 24/7 Customer Love Support.

Fraud Prevention

Patent-pending technology, innovative algorithms.

Fundraising For Acts of Terrorism Relief

Start an AngeLink fundraiser to get the help you need for yourself or others in the aftermath of an act of terrorism or violence. We’re here to support our global community when they need it most.

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