Help Amanda Heal: Stage IV Cancer

Help Amanda Heal: Stage IV Cancer

Medical 11/23/2022 Hawthorne, FL
Amanda’s Fundraising Angels is raising money for this fundraiser.
Raised: $1,466 of $15,000 Goal
Fundraiser Story
Amanda was diagnosed with Stage IV Invasive Inflammatory Breast Cancer, Metastatic Disease in November of 2022. Apart from breast she has another cancer site in her axillary lymph nodes which are currently causing her the most pain, and the other cancer site is a lymph node on the hilum of her lung. This is the one with the most potential to cause adverse symptoms. Please be in prayer for these areas specifically. Amanda has been sick for the past 6 weeks and unable to work, and has not been out of bed or her home much during this time. Please stand with us in belief for miraculous and complete healing of her entire body. Many have said that her unwavering faith and strength, and continuance to lead-out boldly during her cancer journey has inspired them to live more radically. The money collected from this fundraiser will go towards covering the expenses of her healing journey with cancer, her current (and future) medical bills, as well as helping cover living expenses (if needed)...

Fundraising Team: Amanda’s Fundraising Angels


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