How to Make a Fundraising Video: Ideas, Tips & Examples

With video content taking over the internet, it seems like everyone is a content creator. But just because you can make a video, doesn’t mean it will be successful. Especially when it comes to fundraising videos. There are a few tricks to the trade! You have to be creative and engaging and most importantly, you have to make people want to donate. If you make it too sales-y, people will tune out. But if you make it too funny, they might not take you seriously.

Besides, if you are not used to being in front of the camera, making a fundraising video may feel daunting. But never fear! We are here to help. We’ll give you some tips and ideas on how to make a fundraising video!

How Can a Fundraising Video Increase Donations?

Did you know that fundraisers with a video earn 105% more than those without?

A fundraising video is a great way to increase donations. It allows potential donors to see what their money is going toward. A good video will tell the story of your cause and show how their donation will make a difference. It’s also a way for people to put a face to the cause. Seeing the people who will enjoy their donation can be a powerful motivator.

A heartfelt video will also make donors feel closer to the cause. Seeing the faces of the people that your donation will help makes it more personal. And when people feel closer to a cause, they are more likely to donate.

5 Fundraising Video Tips To Help Get You Started

People have short attention spans, so make sure your video is under two minutes. You may have a lot to say, but try to say it in a way that will hold people’s attention. Consider making a few short videos as opposed to one long one.

Some fundraising videos are emotional and highlight personal stories. Others focus on the work that the organization does and how donations will make a difference. And still, others take a more light-hearted approach, showing the fun side of the cause.

Your viewers need to be able to see how passionate you are about the cause. If you’re not excited about it, why should they be?

Our top fundraising video tip is to tell your story. People are more likely to donate if they feel connected to the cause. Share a personal story or testimonial to why your cause is important. Ask yourself, what is your purpose? Why are you making this video? What do you want people to take away from it?

Just remember to have fun with it and be yourself. The more genuine you are, the more people will connect with your video and be willing to donate. There are endless possibilities when it comes to fundraising videos. Get creative and have fun with it!

It is also important to consider your audience. Are you trying to reach donors who have never heard of your fundraiser or organization? Or are you trying to engage your existing supporters and get them to donate again? Depending on who you are trying to reach, you will want to tailor your message.

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5 Fundraising Video Ideas To Make Your Own

Here are five fundraising video ideas to get you started.

Show what your organization does on a day-to-day basis. This can help potential donors see the impact their donation will make.

Show your donors how much their support means to you. This is a great way to build relationships with your supporters.

Challenge your viewers to donate to your cause. This can be a fun way to engage your audience and get them to donate. For example, you could challenge them to do a dance or sing a song in exchange for a donation.

Show potential donors around your facility or office. This can help them see how their donation will help and where their money will go.

Hear from those who your cause has helped. This is a great way to connect potential donors with the work that you do.

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Get Inspiration From These Fundraising Video Examples

If you need a jumping-off point, here are a few great fundraising video examples.

Watershed Management Group showed how people could build a Tippy Tap with just a few tools. With this device, children and adults can wash their hands in places that lack clean water. This video helped raise funds to provide Tippy Taps to communities in need. Every year, over 3.5 million children under the age of five die from diarrheal and respiratory infections. Hand washing with soap is one of the most effective ways to prevent these deaths. It can save 1.2 million lives every year.

In 2014, the ice bucket challenge swept the internet as people raised awareness for ALS research. The challenge was fairly simple: dumping a bucket of freezing water over one’s head. Though it may have looked silly, the campaign did its job well, raising more than 100 million dollars.

The 2016 Paralympic Games took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To raise awareness for the event, Channel 4 created a short film called “We’re the Superhumans.” The video featured disabled athletes from around the world doing amazing things. It was an uplifting and inspiring way to show that anything is possible. Get Started on Your Fundraising Today With Just a Few Clicks!

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Connect With Supporters With Your Fundraising Video

Fundraising videos can inspire donations. Remember, keep it short and tell a story. Let your passion and creativity for your cause show through in the video. Try out some of our ideas and get inspiration from AngeLink. Invite donors to watch your eye-catching video and the donations will follow.

AngeLink is the easiest way to start fundraising for your cause. The platform offers unique fundraising features including seasonal emojis and badges to share on social media, a built-in fundraiser flier with a QR code, 24/7 customer support, and more.

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