Hope after Ian: Blessed to be a Blessing

Hope after Ian: Blessed to be a Blessing

Emergency 10/8/2022 Lakeville, MN
Stacey Bjorklund is raising money on behalf of Fryberger and Pawul Families.
Raised: $3,000 of $10,000 Goal
Fundraiser Story
Help us turn a bad day into a story of all the good. Many of you know that the impact of Hurricane Ian hits very close to home. My sister (Kelly), brother in law (Jeff), nieces (Sammy & Brooklyn) and parents (Ron & Kathy) among others from my extended family have all made Fort Myers their permanent home over the years. Both my parents house and sisters house experienced the wrath of Hurricane Ian head on, but luckily they had evacuated to Jeff’s parents house who live at a higher elevation and further inland. The surge came up to 5ft through their homes, completely ruining almost everything it came in contact with. It goes like this: in a moment everything they knew as normal and routine was turned upside down. Ryan and I flew into Tampa after the hurricane hit and drove down to Fort Myers to get to work with the family - helping to clear out everything in their houses. The crazy part is you go there knowing what the sights would be because of all the media coverage, but it’s amplif...

Fryberger and Pawul Families
Stacey Bjorklund


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