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Everyone has a dream. Here’s the opportunity to realize yours. We specifically curated this list of tips and tools to help you succeed.

How to write a great AngeLink story ✏️

Your AngeLink story should summarize your cause in a heartfelt, engaging way. Use four to five sentence paragraphs that are short and easy to read and understand.

  • If you’re raising money for yourself, your story should describe why you need the funds and how the funds raised will be used.
  • If you’re raising money for someone else or an organization or a charity, your story should identify who the beneficiary is, your relation to them (if any), why you’re raising the funds and why this cause is so important to you.
  • Explain your/their story and need for funds.
  • Express gratitude for support and encourage others to share your fundraiser on social media.
  • Break up your story with bold, underlined or highlighted captions or key words.
  • Add compelling photos or videos to your story.
  • Review and proofread your story for grammar and spelling.
Compelling, action-based titles boost success 🌟

Titles are one of the first things potential donors will see. Make donors compelled to notice yours by capturing their interest and using specific descriptions. Every word counts, as you have a 40 character limit.

State who the funds are for and why and how the funds will be used. Use words that are easy to read and inspire action. Also, make your title searchable by using your full name as the fundraiser and the full name of the beneficiary (if it’s not yourself) or full name of the organization you are raising money for.

For example, a young girl in your neighborhood is raising money for her college tuition and you’re creating a fundraiser on her behalf.

  • Weak title: “Mia’s college tuition”
  • Strong title: “Send Mia Smith to Stanford this Fall!”

As you review, assess your title for clarity and uniqueness. Is it captivating? Does it make the reader want to know more? Does it inspire action? Will others want to share it?

Make your fundraiser fundraising goal realistic ✅

Remember, you can always raise your goal at a later time. Review and research all potential costs—including medical expenses, bill amounts, transportation costs, etc. Small donor amounts between $5-$20 are generally more common than large amounts.

Eye-catching image 📸

Each fundraiser has one title image, with the option to add more photos or a short video. Use high-quality, clear, and compelling photos that feature the beneficiary of your fundraiser. Photos of the beneficiary him- or herself will perform higher than stock images.

AngeLink badges and rewards 🏆

Campaign organizers and donors both receive unique sets of virtual badges and rewards as they participate on AngeLink. Why do we do this? Because we’re proud of our AngeLink community and want a fun way to say thank you and help you track your progress!

For Fundraisers: Receive a badge each time your fundraiser comes 10% closer to its goal!

For Donors Receive a badge each time you give to a fundraiser and work your way through gamified levels.

AngeLink emojis 💙

Did you know AngeLink has its own emojis? Text, email, post and share bright and fun Angel emojis with fellow campaign organizers and donors or friends who don’t yet use AngeLink.

Using Angel emojis is simple and fun. It’s also a special way to let others know you’re thinking of them, grateful for them or supporting them along the way to their fundraising goal.

Share your fundraiser easily on your phone 📱

It’s amazing how many different ways you can connect with your friends and family! Send your community a simple, heartfelt message that explains why this cause is important to you and encourage them to help you by sharing your AngeLink fundraiser with their own network of friends on social media.

The AngeLink App: To share your fundraiser with friends and family, download the AngeLink app. Then select “Share” to text or email your fundraiser to others and post on Facebook or Twitter. For the greatest success on social media, try to post in the afternoon between 12-3 PM or 5-8 PM to maximize views. Also ask your friends to share the link!

Emojis: Send our cute AngeLink customized Angel to grab your donor’s attention, and make giving fun!

QR Codes: Use your unique QR code and/or link. Take a screenshot or send text to friends for instant easy donation from any cell phone.

Instagram: Post the cover photo of your fundraiser on Instagram and make sure to include in your caption ‘link in bio’. Don’t forget to add the fundraiser link to your bio!

Snapchat: Take a screenshot and send from your camera to Snapchat, adding emojis and a short description. Add it to your story and send it to friends with the link to your fundraiser. Make sure when you post it to your story to include the link so that your friends can easily “swipe up” to donate.

LinkedIn: Share your fundraiser story and paste a link on LinkedIn, asking your network to donate and share.

WhatsApp: Message your friends on WhatsApp asking them to donate and share your fundraiser. Include the link and your fundraiser story.

Send Personal Messages via social media, email, text and phone calls 💌

Having an extra personal touch is key. Send your community a simple, heartfelt message explaining why this cause is important to you, and encourage them to share on social networks with their community of friends.

Pro tip: Reach out directly to one individual at a time. Make your communication personal and compelling.

Share the love! 💖

Send a shout out or thank you to donors and supporters to let them know how much their donation and attention is appreciated. Gratitude and kindness keeps the world spinning.

Post flyers on school, office and store bulletin boards 📋

We create customized flyers for each fundraiser that you can print and post! The AngeLink flyer prints easily on 8.5 x 11 stock paper and includes the QR code, the title, the description, and campaign organizer/team members.

To print a fundraiser flyer, sign in to your account, make sure that you’re under the “Manage fundraiser” tab, select “Share & Invite” and select “print fundraiser.” And voilà, you’re all set!

Using and sharing your AngeLink link 📎

Your fundraiser link is extremely important because it serves as the instant connection from social media networks to your AngeLink fundraiser. AngeLink assigns your fundraiser a unique URL that takes users directly to your fundraiser where they can donate and share.

Ask donors to share your fundraiser link 🖇

Don’t be bashful. This is a sure-fire way to spread your fundraiser news and boost your success! Send your URL and QR code to easily share your fundraiser.

Tips on sharing your fundraiser to increase donations 🎉

Once you have created your fundraiser, share it with your friends and family and ask them to share with their network of contacts. This is the most important task to make sure your fundraiser reaches its goal. To boost awareness and increase donations, consider:

  • Create a hashtag for your fundraiser
  • Post on social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.
  • Making a Facebook event
  • Contact local media
  • Connecting with local business owners or local events and ask them to post your flyers
  • Create flyers and ask friends to help post them in strategic places, such as schools or coffee shops.
  • Send to potential donors, as well as people who could potentially promote awareness by sharing your cause.
  • Post frequently across multiple platforms.
  • Send personal messages to your friends and family expressing why this cause is so important to you.

Make sure your posts include compelling images and the link/QR code to your fundraiser

What does “Fundraiser Trending” mean? 🔥

If you see a notice of “Fundraiser Trending” on your AngeLink account page, this indicates that your story or cause has become very popular. This usually means your fundraiser has reached a significant amount of shares/donations within a period of time. If you don’t see this fundraiser trending message, don’t worry! Just continue reaching out to your network of friends. You got this, Angel!

Invite friends to fundraise with you and create a team 🙌

On AngeLink, you can build a team of friends and family to help you fundraise. Inviting team members is a great way to increase your chances of success as you and your teammates post and share your fundraiser with an even wider network of potential donors.

You can invite team members to help raise money for your fundraiser immediately after you set up your fundraiser—or you can go back later and create a team at any time.

As the campaign organizer you can:

  • Add a team photo
  • Create team name
  • Invite team members
  • View pending team member requests
  • Message team members
  • Display the team leaderboard

AngeLink creates a unique link for each team member to share with their network on social media. When donors click this link, their donation will be matched to that team member. Please make sure to ask your donors to donate through this link so AngeLink can assign proper “funds raised” to each team member. Also remember to encourage team members to send personal thank you messages to each of their donors!

Organize fun fundraising events! 📆

Organize events to promote your fundraiser and broaden awareness of your fundraiser as a team effort.

Remember to print out your fundraiser’s unique QR Code 8.5 x 11 AngeLink flyer, get it laminated and display it at your event so funds can be donated directly to your fundraiser through the AngeLink app. This way you don’t have to worry about collecting cash and all funds will be donated quickly and easily.

Here’s some super cool event ideas:

  • Art gala
  • Design competition
  • Sports competition
  • Community or Club event
  • Art workshop
  • 5K or 3K run
  • Virtual program
  • Talent show
  • Bake sale
  • Lemonade sale
  • Sell homemade arts and crafts

Maintaining the energy ⚡️

You may notice in the beginning that you receive donations fairly frequently but then the pace may decline. To keep your fundraiser rolling, you need to keep raising awareness by trying new marketing methods, like:

  • Reaching out to share messages and updates to continue promoting your fundraiser both online and offline in your community
  • Sharing with influencers in your community who have a larger number of followers and encourage them to support your cause
  • Asking for small donation amounts to encourage more people to give
  • Including an endearing video that inspires an emotional connection to your fundraiser
  • Reaching out to local media and ask them to help by publishing or videotaping a story on your fundraiser on their TV station, newspaper or magazine
  • Creating a fun social media challenge around the donations (For example, the ALS Ice Bucket challenge)

The most successful fundraisers on AngeLink reach their goal through continued effort and creative thinking. We’re here to help you!

Post weekly updates 🗓

Occasional updates inspire an urge to re-share and re-donate, keeping your fundraiser fresh. Encourage your friends to re-share your fundraiser link.

Post updates with meaningful, inspiring photos or brief videos that show your beneficiary’s progress, how their story is unfolding and how the funds raised are helping them or are being used. You can also consider sharing news about special events or fundraisers held on their behalf. Don’t be afraid to share both the hard times and the good times, because everyone has them.

Parent/Child fundraisers 😇

Starting an AngeLink fundraiser with your child can be a powerful way to encourage your child’s compassion for others.

To help your child get started, choose a personal cause that’s near and dear to their heart.

  • Begin with your email and name or your child’s email and name.
  • Choose a catchy title that includes your child’s name. Children often grab the hearts of donors more than adults!
  • Consider a reasonable goal for a child fundraiser, suggestably between $100-500 to begin. You can always increase it later.
  • Select an endearing photo of your child as a face of the fundraiser. People tend to have a soft spot for kids who care!
  • Help your child write a compelling story that evokes emotion and reflects their voice and perspective.
  • Help your child share their fundraiser with a message from the child’s perspective. Share by email, phone, or text with family and friends. Add a link they can share easily on cell phones.
  • Encourage your contacts to share with their network. Ask their school or teacher if they can share with classmates so that other parents and adults can learn about the fundraiser too.
  • Encourage your child to promote their cause in activities like bake sales, lemonade stands, or simple volunteer efforts.

Join the AngeLink community, keep up on important news and share the Angel Love!

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