Be an Angel Grant Donor, Partner or Corporate Sponsor

Want to give directly to victims of Hurricane Ian? Here’s how you can help and make a powerful impact by donating to our $1,000 Angel Grants program!

Where Will My Donation Go?

Your tax deductible donation to the AngeLink Community Foundation 501(c)(3) Hurricane Ian Angel Grant Relief Fund will go directly to support families, individuals, small businesses and community organizations directly impacted by Hurricane Ian.

Each Angel Grant recipient will receive $1,000 donation to their AngeLink Emergency Fundraiser to support:

  • Emergency funds
  • Temporary housing
  • Disaster recovery
  • Humanitarian relief
  • Food and groceries
  • Clothing and personal items
  • Repair and rebuilding

Levels of Giving

AngeLink Community Foundation appreciates donations of any amount. To show our gratitude, we’ve created the following levels of giving:

  • Angel $1,000 – Funds 1 Grant
  • Silver Angel $2,000 – Funds 2 Grants
  • Gold Angel $4,000 – Funds 4 Grants
  • Platinum Angel $6,000 – Funds 6 Grants
  • Diamond Angel $8,000 – Funds 8 Grants
  • ArchAngel $10,000 – Funds 10 Grants
Want to give more than $10,000? Please call us at (239) 673-0650 or email us at

Security and Safety

We review and vet every fundraiser to validate that the individual, family or business beneficiary has been directly impacted by Hurricane Ian. Donate on our trusted, secure platform. See below the Angel Grant for Hurricane Ian Criteria:

  • Beneficiary must live in an area impacted by Hurricane Ian.

  • Must create an active AngeLink Emergency Fundraising Campaign that clearly demonstrates proof-of-need with photos and/or videos.

  • Beneficiary must supply valid ID, phone bill & utility bill.

  • Fundraiser must demonstrate genuine effort to support and share their own campaign.

  • Fundraiser must provide required banking information for deposit of funds.

  • All entries must meet AngeLink’s Terms of Service for eligibility.

Partners and Corporate Sponsors

We welcome Partners and Corporate Sponsors! We’re reimagining crowdfunding and giving individuals, family offices, companies and organizations of all sizes, the opportunity to create a direct and powerful impact through $1,000 Angel Grants. Please reach out to us at to create your own custom Angel Grant sponsorship.