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Meet AngeLink, your trusted partner in fundraising endeavors. AngeLink is a game-changer in the crowdfunding industry!

Our platform is ideal for businesses and organizations seeking financial support. We offer an outstanding suite of features.

Here’s how you can use AngeLink to launch a successful fundraiser for your business.

What Is AngeLink?

AngeLink is the world’s first social crowdfunding platform designed, built and powered by women.

We simplify the process of raising funds for the causes close to your heart. That includes your business!

Our platform is a community built on empathy, support, and shared goals. We believe that when communities come together to support each other, incredible things happen. 

With AngeLink, you can learn how to start a woman-owned business with crowdfunding. You’ll also become part of a community that cares and wants to see you succeed in reaching your goal.

How to Start a Fundraiser For Your Business On AngeLink

It only takes a few simple steps! Your business fundraising campaign can go live and start raising money and gathering momentum on AngeLink quickly. Our platform makes the process easy and straightforward. This allows you to focus on what matters: bringing your business vision to life.

Let’s dive into how to use crowdfunding to start a business with AngeLink.

1. Check If Your Business Is Eligible

At AngeLink, we welcome all types of businesses seeking to raise funds. (Startups, established companies—you name it!) But we do have a few restrictions to maintain the integrity of our community.

Before you begin to fundraise for your business, please read our policies and legal documentation.

2. Start an AngeLink Fundraiser

Once you’ve confirmed your business eligibility, you’re good to go! Here’s how to start a fundraiser with AngeLink:

Click on the “Start a Fundraiser” button in our main navigation bar and fill out info about:

  • Your business
  • Your fundraising goal
  • The story behind your cause

Add compelling visuals and personalize your message to share the story behind your business to gather support and connect with potential donors.

Come Up With A Catchy Name

Your fundraiser title should be clear and succinct and give an idea of what your campaign is about. This is your first opportunity to make an impact. Make sure it’s memorable and resonates with your target audience!

Set a Realistic Fundraising Goal

Setting a realistic fundraising goal is crucial. It should reflect the amount you need while also being attainable. You want to foster trust and encourage more donations. Remember, people are more likely to contribute to a campaign that is closer to its goal. Set a target that aligns with both your requirements and donors’ expectations.

Add Eye-Catching Photos and Videos

High-quality visuals offer a glimpse into the dream you’re working to realize. This helps potential donors feel more connected and involved. Let your fundraiser image speak volumes about your passion, dedication, and vision. You should also share a compelling fundraiser video that tells your story.

Write Your Fundraiser Story

Writing your fundraising story is pivotal to your fundraiser’s success. Share the “why” behind your business, your journey, and how you’ll use the funds. A heartfelt, compelling story can move people to support your cause. Be sincere, and don’t hesitate to share your passion and vision for your business.

3. Promote Your Business Fundraiser

Raising awareness for your fundraiser in your community is an integral part of the process. Your promotional efforts should be as diverse and dynamic as your fundraising vision.

Here’s how to promote a fundraiser for your business:

Social Media

Social media platforms are powerful tools for reaching a wide audience. Sharing your fundraiser on these platforms is a must. Each platform offers unique ways to engage your audience and share your story.


Email is also a highly effective communication channel. Create an engaging email campaign that shares your fundraising story. It should direct people to your AngeLink fundraiser page. Remember to:

  • Personalize your message
  • Follow up with updates or a shout out on milestones you achieve    
  • Thank your supporters for their contribution

Networking Events

Don’t underestimate the power of face-to-face interactions. Attend relevant networking events, meet like-minded individuals, and share your fundraiser. Don’t forget to bring business cards with your AngeLink page URL!

Press and Media

Get media coverage! Reach out to local news outlets, podcasts, or bloggers. Also consider reaching out to a local influencer who may share your passion and the vision behind your business. A single feature could boost your fundraiser’s visibility.

Promotion is not a one-time effort. It is very important to share updates about your progress over time. Express gratitude to your donors, and keep the momentum going.

4. Withdraw Your Funds

Withdrawing funds from your AngeLink fundraiser is a straightforward process. You can do it either through the AngeLink mobile app or on a desktop computer. 

We schedule payouts for the 15th and 30th of each month. Make sure you have added and verified your withdrawal information.

As soon as your fundraiser receives a donation, you’re eligible to set up your withdrawals. We recommend you do this ASAP to avoid any delays.

Read more about setting up withdrawals on AngeLink.

Features to Look For In A Crowdfunding Platform For Business

Choosing the right crowdfunding platform is vital to your fundraiser’s success. The platform should not only be easy to use, but it should also align with your business needs and goals. The best business crowdfunding platforms will offer you the tools necessary to communicate your story.

Here are some features you should look out for in a crowdfunding platform for your business:


Understanding the fee structure of a crowdfunding platform is crucial. Different platforms have varying fee structures. These costs can impact your net fundraising amount. Look for a platform that offers transparent pricing. The terms should be upfront about any costs or potential fees.

Crowdfunding Model

There are different types of crowdfunding models. Some platforms operate on a “keep what you raise” model, while others adhere to an “all or nothing” policy. Understanding these dynamics is key.

Platform Users

Assessing the user base of your chosen crowdfunding platform is essential. It’s crucial to ensure the platform’s audience aligns with your target donor demographics. Choose a platform with users who understand, appreciate, and support ventures like yours. This will increase your fundraiser’s likelihood of success.

Customer Support

Effective customer support is a must when choosing a crowdfunding platform. You want a platform that provides timely, responsive, and helpful service. Challenges or questions may arise, so make sure to choose a platform committed to customer success that will enhance your fundraising experience.

Other Business Crowdfunding Platform Options

Using AngeLink to fundraise for your business is an excellent choice. But we understand if you want to explore other platforms!

Here are some other options to consider as a potential crowdfunding platform to raise money for your business. We want you to make an informed decision.


Indiegogo is an older crowdfunding platform. It’s known for its diverse range of projects and community of backers.


  • Indiegogo offers flexible funding options and allows users to keep funds raised, even if they don’t meet their total fundraising goal.
  • Indiegogo allows for a variety of project categories and enables businesses the opportunity to fund any kind of project, be it tech, creative, or nonprofit.
  • The platform offers a feature called “InDemand.” It allows users to continue raising funds even after their fundraisers end.
  • Indiegogo offers educational resources, webinars, and a dedicated customer service team.


  • Indiegogo is expensive. The platform charges a 5% “platform fee” plus a 3% credit card fee plus $0.20 per transaction.  
  • Indiegogo has a 1.6-star rating out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.  
  • There is heavy competition on Indiegogo, so it can be hard for your project to stand out.
  • Although Indiegogo has global reach, it may not have as large a user base in certain regions. Localized platforms could be better depending on where your fundraiser takes place.
  • It is not a good choice for corporate or charity fundraising as it’s primarily designed for creative projects.


Kickstarter is also a legacy crowdfunding platform. It caters to creative projects and innovative ideas.


  • Kickstarter enables a variety of creative projects with unique or innovative ideas.
  • Kickstarter provides creators with resources and guides to help them create fundraising campaigns.
  • The platform offers a “Project We Love” feature that highlights standout projects. 


  • Kickstarter is not cheap. The platform charges a 5% “platform fee” plus 3% credit card fee plus $0.20 per transaction.  
  • The platform is an “all or nothing” funding model that can be very risky for certain businesses. If you don’t meet 100% of your goal, you will get $0 funds.
  • Kickstarter has a 1.2 star rating out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.  
  • There is significant competition on this platform, so it can be harder for your project to stand out.
  • Kickstarter restricts certain types of projects and limits the scope of businesses that can utilize the platform.
  • It is not a good choice for corporate or charity fundraising as it’s primarily designed for creative projects.


GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform that targets individual causes and personal fundraising. 


  • GoFundMe is a simple system that enables you to set up a fundraising campaign in minutes. 
  • The platform caters to personal causes and individual fundraising campaigns. It’s a suitable choice for businesses that align with these categories.
  • GoFundMe utilizes a chatbot for customer support. Fundraisers and donors can get answers to their questions when they need them.
  • Unlike some other platforms, GoFundMe operates on a “keep what you raise” model. This can be less risky for businesses as you can keep all funds raised, regardless of whether you meet your goal or not.


  • GoFundMe has a 1.4 star rating out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.  
  • The high level of competition on the platform can make it challenging for your business fundraiser to stand out.
  • The platform provides no special tools to help you make your fundraiser successful.
  • Fundraisers that don’t gain traction might get lost in the crowd. 
  • GoFundMe is known for personal fundraising and individual causes. This perception may not align with all types of business fundraising needs.

Other Business Funding Options

Beyond crowdfunding, businesses can explore traditional funding options to raise money.

Traditional Business Loans

Business loans can provide financing for an existing business that has revenue and initial profits. 


  • Traditional business loans may offer lower interest rates compared to alternative funding sources. This may make a business loan a cost-effective way to finance your business.
  • Banks and credit unions often provide larger loan amounts. This can be beneficial for businesses looking to fund growth, large expenditures and expansion projects.
  • Regular repayment schedules can help businesses manage cash flow and build credit history.


  • Securing a traditional business loan can be a lengthy and complex process. It can involve rigorous credit checks, extensive paperwork, and collateral requirements.
  • Business loans often require a personal guarantee.
  • Newer businesses may find it challenging to qualify for bank loans without initial sales and earnings. 
  • Traditional loans involve fixed monthly payments. This can put pressure on businesses with fluctuating income.
  • There may be additional costs associated with bank loans. (Ex. Application fees, origination fees, and potential penalties for early repayment)

Venture Capital From Investors

Venture capital from investors presents another potential funding option. This allows early-stage, high-potential companies to grow and thrive.


  • Venture capitalists often provide substantial funding. This can support businesses in accelerating their growth and scaling their operations.
  • Beyond monetary support, venture capitalists often bring a wealth of knowledge. They can offer strategic guidance to businesses.
  • Venture capital funding does not need to be repaid like a loan. This can ease financial pressure on the business.
  • Venture capitalists understand that not all investments will yield returns.


  • Venture capital often involves giving up significant equity in your business. This means relinquishing some control over your company.
  • The process of securing venture capital can be highly competitive and time-consuming. This requires a solid business plan, extensive financial forecasting model as well as a compelling pitch deck.
  • If the venture capitalist firm decides to exit, it can lead to the sale of the company. This may not align with the original vision of the business.
  • Venture capitalists usually invest in high-growth industries. Businesses outside of these sectors may find it challenging to attract such funding.

Here’s Why Crowdfunding Is Right For Your Business

Crowdfunding for small business is a flexible and community-engaging alternative to traditional financing methods. It offers greater accessibility to startups and small businesses.

Unlike traditional loans, it bypasses rigorous application processes. It does not require collateral or credit checks or personal guarantees. It allows businesses to maintain full control without surrendering equity. 

Crowdfunding also serves as a market validation tool. It offers an equal opportunity to all businesses to attract funding.

A well-strategized crowdfunding approach can not only help to raise money for your business, but it can build powerful community and customer relationships.

AngeLink solves common fundraising problems by:

  • Offering a safe and secure platform through Fundraising with Trust™
    • We leverage AI and human-driven security to keep our community safe.
  • Building a supportive Crowdfunding Powered by Women™️ community
    • Our Angel Outreach Team elevates successful fundraisers to improve visibility
    • Our Customer Love support is ready to help you 24/7
  • Providing Fundraising with Love™️ tools to help you spread the word about your cause
    • Powerful AI tools to enhance your fundraiser success
    • Free seasonal emojis
    • Free donor badges sent to your donors
    • Free fundraiser badges and QR codes to share on social media

Crowdfunding is revolutionizing how businesses fund their endeavors. It offers an inclusive and efficient solution that aligns with today’s digital landscape.

So, why not give crowdfunding a try? Use AngeLink to fundraise for your business today and see how we can make your dreams come true!