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Giving Tuesday is the global movement of generosity and unity. It’s a day where every act of kindness counts. On this day, people from all walks of life come together to make a difference. Most Giving Tuesday best practices online focus on established nonprofits. These organizations already have an existing pool of donors.

These resources are invaluable, but…

  • What if you’re new to the world of fundraising?
  • What if you’re an individual or a small group looking to make a difference?
  • What if you don’t have a large donor base or extensive experience in fundraising?

At AngeLink, we believe everyone can contribute to this global movement of generosity. You don’t need a fundraising background to make a difference.

Today, we will provide specific tips and advice tailored to peer-to-peer online fundraisers.

Ready to learn how to make the most of Giving Tuesday as a peer-to-peer fundraiser? Read on to discover our recommendations and best practices.

6 Giving Tuesday Best Practices to Help Boost Donations

As we take a closer look at these Giving Tuesday best practices, remember this:

The power of your campaign lies in the messages you share.

This day is about spreading the spirit of generosity and unity. Your fundraising efforts should reflect that sentiment. Your messages should show donors how their contributions can make a big impact.

Now, let’s explore the actionable Giving Tuesday tips that will enhance your fundraiser!

1. Prepare Early & Create A Giving Tuesday Campaign Timeline

Preparing early for your Giving Tuesday campaign timeline is crucial. It’s akin to laying a strong foundation for a building. Your campaign’s success depends on the robustness of your planning process.

Make sure your campaign plan includes these components:

  • Social Media Content Calendar: A posting calendar helps you share your Giving Tuesday message on social media. It also increases visibility and encourages engagement. Use a mix of posts that educate, inspire, and ask for donations.

    Consider researching a Giving Tuesday social media toolkit to help you plan your content. Schedule your social media posts for when your audience is online.
  • Email Marketing Schedule: Emails provide a personal connection to potential donors. Create a few Giving Tuesday emails before the actual date to warm up your audience. You can share sneak peeks and success stories in advance. On Giving Tuesday, make sure you ask for donations. It’s crucial to plan and schedule these emails to keep people engaged.
  • Event Planning & Offline Promotion: While online efforts are key, don’t forget offline strategies. If possible, plan Giving Tuesday events ahead of the actual date to build community engagement. This could be a charity run, a bake sale or an information booth at a local market. To get more people to come, plan and advertise these events early—both online and offline.

The bottom line:

To make your Giving Tuesday campaign ideas successful, plan them well. Schedule content in advance and monitor the performance of the campaign over time. You can always make adjustments on the fly if you need to!

2. Use Relevant Hashtags When Sharing On Social Media

To improve your social media posts on Giving Tuesday, use relevant hashtags.

Don’t know how to come up with a fundraiser hashtag? It’s easy! Using hashtags such as #GivingTuesday or #DonateNow can make your posts more visible. You can also create custom tags for your campaign. Phrases that are catchy or fun work wonderfully!

Hashtags guide potential contributors to your campaign amidst the bustling social media landscape. They encourage unity and action, inspiring more donors to join your cause.

For consistent messaging, use these hashtags on all your platforms.

3. Partner With Local Community Leaders and Influencers

Teaming up with community leaders can make your Giving Tuesday campaign more visible. These people have large followings and a lot of influence. They can help your campaign, get more donations, and make your cause seem trustworthy.

Community leaders can endorse your organization, share your messages, and take part in events. Partnerships are an important strategy for Giving Tuesday campaigns because they build your social proof.

4. Focus On Storytelling In Your Messaging

Storytelling is a powerful strategy for Giving Tuesday messaging.

To help potential donors understand your story better, make sure to:

  • Add context
  • Personalize the cause
  • Explain the impact of the donations

Strong fundraiser messaging can make potential donors feel involved by sharing compelling stories. This evokes empathy and makes them feel part of a transformative journey.

Storytelling makes your Giving Tuesday messaging more appealing. It helps donors feel connected to the cause, encouraging more donations.

5. Make Milestones a Big Deal

Want to build momentum in Giving Tuesday campaigns? It’s important to celebrate and share fundraising milestones. These milestones are updates on the campaign’s progress. They live on the fundraiser’s webpage and social media. They also acknowledge supporters’ contributions and inspire others to donate.

As you reach each milestone, donors become more motivated. This creates a snowball effect that propels the campaign towards its goal. Celebrating milestones is a victory for the organization and its supporters. It fosters a sense of accomplishment and reinforces their support.

6. Highlight Your Donors’ Impact & Show Your Gratitude

During Giving Tuesday campaigns, it’s important to recognize donors’ contributions.

Thanking donors is important for building relationships and ensuring fundraising success. It personalizes their experience and emphasizes the impact of their generosity.

Show how you’re using the donations. For example, if you’re providing meals for families in need, post about it! You can highlight the real-world difference they’re making. This approach fosters a sense of fulfillment and trust. It also encourages future contributions.

5 Giving Tuesday Tips to Help Raise More Money

Here are five more Giving Tuesday tips to help you raise more money during your fundraiser. These strategies build upon the best practices mentioned above.

1. Leverage Matching Gifts

A matched giving challenge boosts your fundraising efforts on Giving Tuesday. It’s a great strategy.

Want to increase the impact of each donation? Find an organization or generous individual who will match the donations you receive. This doubles the donations.

After finding a match partner, spread the word on social media, emails, and your website. Let potential donors know they can double their impact.

Then, watch the donations roll in!

2. Host a Virtual Giving Gala

Virtual giving galas allow you to:

  • Unite your community
  • Share impact stories
  • Gain support for Giving Tuesday

With a virtual giving gala, you can host a variety of engaging activities. (Ex. Live music performances, talks by inspirational speakers, or even an online auction.) 

The idea is to create an enjoyable and immersive experience that evokes the spirit of giving.

3. Always Provide Clear Instructions on How to Donate

Your fundraising efforts need clear instructions on where and how to give on Giving Tuesday. To simplify donating, make it easy to find and use different methods. This will remove any hurdles that might discourage potential donors.

You can offer different ways for people to donate, like a webpage or QR code. This makes sure that everyone can donate in the way they prefer.

If you’re not good with technology, a guide for each donation method can be really useful. Keep in mind that every extra step a donor has to take may cause them to abandon the donation. 

Make sure your instructions are short and easy to understand. This will ensure the donation process goes smoothly.

4. Actively Engage with Your Donors

When you engage your donors in an exciting way, it shows your gratitude for their support. It also motivates them to continue contributing to your cause. Here are some fun ways to engage with your donors:

  • Virtual Trivia: Host a virtual trivia night with categories that relate to your cause. This can serve as both an educational tool and a fun, interactive event for your supporters.
  • Online Art Auction: Collaborate with local artists to auction their work. Give proceeds to your cause. This promotes local talent while also raising funds.
  • Interactive Webinars: Host interactive webinars or Q&A sessions. Donors will learn more about your organization and its impact. Include quizzes or polls to keep the session engaging.
  • Social Media Challenges: Launch a social media challenge related to your cause. Encourage participants to tag friends and spread the word.
  • DIY Fundraisers: Encourage supporters to host their own mini-fundraisers. This could be anything from a bake sale to a sponsored run.

Want to make these activities enjoyable for your supporters? Remember to reinforce the impact of their contributions. You’ll create a sense of community and encourage continued support.

5. Encourage Recurring Donations

Encouraging regular donations will ensure ongoing support for your cause. Here are a few steps to succeed with this strategy:

  • Show Their Contributions: Explain to your donors how their monthly contributions can have a lasting impact. For example, you could say, “When you give $20 each month, you can provide 80 meals to families in need over a year.”
  • Simplify the Donation Process: Make it easy for donors to set up recurring donations. Offer an option on your donation page for contributors to make their donation a monthly gift.
  • Offer Gifts: Encourage regular giving by offering small rewards to recurring donors. This could include exclusive updates or information. You could also give a small token of appreciation or early access to events.
  • Express Gratitude: If you don’t know how to write a donation thank you letter, don’t worry—just send something simple and heartfelt! Send a Giving Tuesday thank you message to all your recurring donors. Consider sending personalized emails or letters. This can strengthen donors’ commitment to monthly giving and make them feel valued. A little handwritten note can go a long way!

By following these Giving Tuesday best practices and tips, you can boost donations. You’ll build a loyal donor community for future fundraisers and projects.

Make Your Giving Tuesday Fundraiser Shine

These Giving Tuesday best practices help you create a successful peer-to-peer fundraiser.

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