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Crowdfunding is a wonderful method for rallying support for causes and projects. But unfortunately, in the last few years, some fundraisers on even the largest crowdfunding platforms have experienced fraud. This has created a sense of mistrust among individuals who wish to create a fundraiser or donate to one.

Here’s a startling stat from the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia

  • In the year 2021 alone, scammers targeted an astounding 67 million consumers. The scammers’ efforts created a barrage of 1.3 billion misleading fundraising calls.

Fundraising fraud capitalizes on the generosity of well-meaning individuals. It creates a wave of deceptive transactions. There are so many expected and unexpected reasons why fundraising is important. Robust, reliable fraud prevention mechanisms are necessary in the crowdfunding arena.

Thankfully, there are GoFundMe alternatives (like AngeLink!) that offer more secure platforms.

Our #1 priority is to build and maintain a safe space for our AngeLink community to give and receive help. We understand the profound impact that trust and integrity have on the act of giving. We’re committed to upholding these values above all else.

Our Trust & Safety Team works tirelessly to create and uphold security measures. At AngeLink, we always protect the benevolence of our community from exploitation.

At the end of the day, AngeLink is here to solve common fundraising problems. We want you to focus on the cause at heart instead of worrying about the legitimacy of a platform.

What Is Fundraising Fraud?

Fundraising fraud refers to the deceitful practice of:

  • Soliciting donations under false pretenses
  • Misusing the funds raised

It can take many forms, including but not limited to:

  • Creating fake causes
  • Fabricating stories to elicit sympathy
  • Misrepresenting the usage of donated funds

This unfair behavior exploits donors’ generosity. It also undermines legitimate fundraisers’ credibility, creating an atmosphere of skepticism and apprehension.

Awareness of this issue is essential to help safeguard your noble intentions. That way, you can donate to the causes you love with ease!

Examples of Forbidden Fraudulent Activity on AngeLink

  • Someone breaking the law 
  • The campaign’s organizer is lying to the community about their identity or the campaign’s authenticity and legitimacy
  • The organizer is making false statements about their fundraiser, such as posting false updates, etc. 
  • The organizer is giving a hate speech that is disrespectful to their community and/or the AngeLink team 

When Using AngeLink, You Are Fundraising with Trust™️

Fundraising with Trust™️ is more than a slogan. It’s the cornerstone of our mission at AngeLink.

Unlike other platforms, every fundraiser on AngeLink undergoes a meticulous review process. That’s how we ensure the authenticity of each campaign. When you choose AngeLink, you get unparalleled fraud protection.

Fundraising with Trust™️ is our commitment to you—our cherished community. We’ll always put your safety and security first.

AngeLink values integrity, transparency, and your peace of mind above all else. Our dedicated Trust & Safety team is here to safeguard your generosity. With AngeLink, you can focus on the cause you hold dear, knowing we’re here watching out for you.

We Review Every Fundraiser

At AngeLink, we take the process of reviewing every fundraiser seriously.

Our procedure involves:

  • Checking the authenticity of the campaign
  • Verifying the identity of the organizer
  • Ensuring that all information provided aligns with our community guidelines and policies

Worried about fundraising fraud after fundraisers go live? We continuously monitor each fundraiser to ensure there’s no funny business.

With AngeLink, you can rest easy knowing we’ll protect your generosity. You can count on us to uphold the integrity of all fundraising activities.

We Protect Our Users’ Privacy

At AngeLink, we value your privacy as much as your trust.

We adhere to strict privacy policies. Our team uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to safeguard your personal information.

We handle every piece of data you share with utmost confidentiality. We’ll never share your info with third parties without your explicit consent. Additionally, we’ll only use your data for its intended purpose. No ulterior motives here!

You deserve a worry-free fundraising experience. At AngeLink, your privacy is our priority.

We Prioritize Inclusion, Respect, and Compassion

Inclusion, respect, and compassion form the bedrock of our community ethos at AngeLink. We promote diversity, equality, and inclusion across our platform.

As part of our community, our team will treat you with respect and compassion, irrespective of:

  • Ethnicity
  • Race
  • National origin
  • Religion
  • Beliefs
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability
  • Age

We acknowledge and appreciate the individuality of each community member. These differences enrich our collective experience and foster an inclusive environment.

Our commitment to inclusion really shows in our actions and decisions as a platform. We aim to create a space where everyone feels valued, heard, and empowered to make a difference.

We Do Not Stand For Hate Speech or Bullying

At AngeLink, we have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech, bullying, or disrespect. We believe in maintaining a platform that encourages kind and respectful interactions.

We will take strict measures against any user who:

  • Engages in hate speech
  • Uses demeaning or insulting language
  • Perpetrates any form of bullying

The consequences for non-compliance with our respectful interaction guidelines could result in:

  • Account cancellation
  • Fundraiser deletion
  • Cessation of access to the AngeLink platform

We take these measures seriously. At AngeLink, we want our platform to be safe, welcoming, and conducive to all our users.

AngeLink’s Thorough Fundraising Review Process

Let’s step into the heart of AngeLink’s Fundraising with Trust™️ process. Here, you’ll discover our unwavering commitment to building a trusted and secure platform.

This is a place where our users can feel safe while engaging in fundraising activities. Our aim has always been to create a seamless and secure experience for our community.

Now, let’s dive into how we make this happen.

1. Vet

The first crucial step in our fundraising review process is vetting. This is where our dedicated Trust & Safety team reviews every detail of a fundraiser.

In this stage, we:

  • Verify the identity of the organizer
  • Check the authenticity of the cause
  • Ensure the information provided aligns with our community guidelines and policies

This rigorous vetting process helps us protect our community against fraudulent activities. At AngeLink, we believe every fundraiser has a story and a cause that matters.

Our Trust & Safety Team ensures that every story told is genuine and every cause is legitimate.

2. Review

With their keen eyes for detail, our Trust & Safety Team looks at the specifics of each fundraiser. They assess the credibility of the content and cross-verify the information provided.

This is not a one-time process. Our team continuously monitors the fundraisers even after they go live. We keep an eye out for any discrepancies or indications of foul play.

If we see any suspicious activity, we take immediate action. We provide regular updates to donors and organizers about each fundraiser’s status. This level of vigilance throughout the fundraiser’s lifecycle is what sets AngeLink apart.

3. Validate

AngeLink’s Trust & Safety team employs our advanced, patent-pending anti-fraud algorithms. We leverage a flagging system that helps manage safety, security, and compliance. These algorithms demonstrate our technological prowess and commitment to our community.

Our Trust & Security Team will step in to resolve any issues. We want our community to continue to engage in fundraising activities with 100% peace of mind.

AngeLink is the world’s safest and most secure space for life-changing contributions.

Creating A Trusted Place to Give and Receive Support

Trust and transparency are at the core of AngeLink’s operations. Each fundraiser on our platform is genuine and adheres to our community guidelines. Our AngeLink reviews are a testament to this!

We strive to create a secure, inclusive, and respectful environment. Our users can freely give and receive support without worrying about fundraising fraud. And, of course, our Help Center is always available for anyone who wants to learn how to use AngeLink.

Trust AngeLink—where safety, transparency, and compassion are our guiding principles.