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It’s no secret that fundraising is important. It fuels our community with donations to support important causes. Crowdfunding has emerged as a transformative force in fundraising. It has democratized the process for individuals, start-ups, and organizations. This innovative approach bypasses traditional financial routes. It enables anyone with a compelling idea to garner support from global donors.

Online fundraising has a wide scope. It extends from business launches to charity drives to personal causes. There are so many types of crowdfunding—so how do you know which one is best for you? The best free crowdfunding sites stand out for their cost-effectiveness.

The Best Free Crowdfunding Sites At a Glance

  1. AngeLink
  2. GoFundMe
  3. Fundrazr
  4. Givebutter
  5. FreeFunder
  6. Funraise
  7. Fundly
  8. Donors Choose

Understanding Common Crowdfunding Fees

It’s crucial to understand the common fees associated with crowdfunding. Let’s explore this further and dive into the nuances of crowdfunding fees.

Platform Fee

Many crowdfunding sites charge a platform fee. It is a percentage of the total funds collected. This fee covers the use of the platform’s infrastructure. It includes server space, technical support, and security measures. Kickstarter levies a 5% platform fee.

Payment Processing Fees

Payment processing fees are an extra cost on transactions. Processors like PayPal or Stripe charge these fees. They mediate the monetary transactions between the campaign and donors. These fees usually include a flat rate per transaction. They also include a percentage of the transacted amount.

Subscription Fees

Some crowdfunding platforms have a subscription fee. The fees offer continuous services and are either monthly or annually. Subscription costs are fixed. They are independent of the campaign’s size or duration.

Donor Fees

You may see some platforms charging a donor fee. This can look like a recommended tip to the crowdfunding platform on top of the initial donation. These costs help keep the platforms up and running.

AngeLink stands out in our roundup of the best free crowdfunding platforms. It has a unique focus on women-centric community support. It aims to support people’s entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors. And it enhances user experience with AI-enhanced user stories. This feature empowers users to share compelling narratives about their initiatives.

Crowdfunding For Causes, Nonprofits and Business

AngeLink merges advanced AI technology, secure transactions, and data protection. This creates a trustworthy platform for women to raise money. It adopts a community-oriented approach, fostering mutual support for various projects. Its commitment to powerful storytelling heightens the reach and impact of projects.

Platform Features

  • Platform Type: AngeLink focuses on community support. It emphasizes women-centric community projects and initiatives. It provides a platform for women across the globe.
  • Funding Model: AngeLink operates on a “keep what you raise” funding model.
  • User Interface and Tools: AngeLink uses advanced AI to enhance user content. This allows people to share compelling narratives about their initiatives. It also offers syncing for email and text contacts. It also offers deep links for social media to make sharing and promoting campaigns easy.
  • Support and Resources: AngeLink provides toll-free support. This suggests a strong commitment to user help. It ensures a smooth fundraising experience.


AngeLink takes pride in being a cost-effective choice for fundraisers. No platform fees here! AngeLink’s services are free of charge. They rely on voluntary donations. But like many other platforms, a standard transaction fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per donation applies. It comes from a third-party payment processor. This fee covers the cost of credit card processing and ensures the secure transfer of funds.

2. GoFundMe

GoFundMe intuitive interface allows campaign creators to reach a broad audience. Potential donors’ familiarity with GoFundMe can boost contributions.

Crowdfunding For Personal Causes

GoFundMe excels in personal and charitable crowdfunding. It emphasizes sharing impactful personal narratives. Its design accentuates the human element of each campaign. This makes it ideal for fundraising related to:

  • Personal causes
  • Emergencies
  • Community projects

Platform Features

  • Funding Model: GoFundMe operates on a flexible funding model. Campaigners can collect donated funds even if the funding goal is not met. It ensures they receive the contributions made regardless of whether the set goal is achieved.
  • User Interface and Tools: GoFundMe offers a user-friendly interface. This enables both campaigners and donors to navigate the platform with ease. But it lacks phone support. This could be a deterrent for users who prefer immediate, direct help.
  • Support and Resources: GoFundMe provides support and resources. However, some users have complained about fund withdrawal. This feedback suggests areas for improvement in the platform’s support. Enhancing the infrastructure can improve user experience.


GoFundMe doesn’t charge a platform fee, which enhances the appeal to fundraisers. However, it applies a 2.9% fee plus $0.30 per transaction for payment processing.

3. Fundrazr

If you’re looking for a business crowdfunding platform, you’re in luck! Fundrazr could be an option for you. It distinguishes itself with its innovative Crowdfunding as a Service (CaaS) model. It specifically targets businesses. 

Crowdfunding For Innovative Projects

Fundrazr’s Crowdfunding as a Service (CaaS) model uniquely caters to businesses. Businesses can directly integrate its reliable crowdfunding technology into their own websites. This feature empowers businesses to conduct fundraising campaigns under their brand. They can control their messaging and maintain direct customer relationships.

Platform Features

  • Platform Type: Fundrazr supports a variety of campaigns. These often include innovative and business/corporate projects. This versatility makes it appealing to a broad range of fundraisers.
  • Funding Model: Fundrazr operates on a “keep what you earn” fundraising model.
  • User Interface and Tools: Fundrazr offers Crowdfunding as a Service. It allows businesses to run various campaign types on their own website. They use Fundrazr’s innovative technology.
  • Support and Resources: Fundrazr has received favorable user reviews. This suggests that it provides satisfactory support and resources to its users. This site has high user satisfaction. This contributes to its status as one of the best crowdfunding sites.


Fundrazr charges 0% platform fee for the free package. However, there is a 5% charge with the Pro subscription. Additionally, a standard 2.9% + $0.30 fee per payment is applied for processing transactions.

4. Givebutter

Givebutter offers a one-stop solution for fundraising needs. This is especially true for nonprofits and smaller organizations. This platform integrates features beyond crowdfunding. It includes ticketing, event registration, peer-to-peer fundraising, and donor management. Its low transaction fees, real-time analytics, and innovative social features increase its appeal.

Crowdfunding For Nonprofits and Student Organizations

Givebutter is particularly great for small to midsize organizations, like nonprofits and student bodies. The platform’s zero-cost structure enables these organizations to pursue their fundraising goals. Thus, Givebutter’s cost-free and accessible setup broadens its user base. It cements its appeal among free crowdfunding platforms.

Platform Features

  • Platform Type: Givebutter is specifically tailored for nonprofits and student organizations. It provides a unique fundraising experience targeted at these groups.
  • User Interface and Tools: Givebutter integrates with a variety of tools. This includes Canva for design purposes. It also includes donor management for tracking donations. And, it includes email/SMS messaging for communication. These integrations facilitate a seamless and effective fundraising process.
  • Support and Resources: Givebutter’s comprehensive features suggest a strong support infrastructure. This could include extensive resources and customer service.


Givebutter operates on a two-tiered fee structure with no mandatory platform fees. It levies a payment processing fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. The platform offers two options related to tips and fees. The first involves tips from donors. They are given directly to the platform, with no extra platform fees charged. The second bypasses donor tips. Instead, it applies a platform fee ranging from 1% to 5% per transaction.

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5. FreeFunder

FreeFunder has a unique approach tailored toward community-based projects. It prioritizes community engagement. It offers unique funding and sharing incentives. This fosters a supportive ecosystem for project creators. It spurs community participation in the funding process.

Crowdfunding For Community-Based Projects

FreeFunder stands out for its no-fee structure and community-centric approach. This makes it ideal for community-based projects. This focus on community engagement increases the likelihood of project success. It also reinforces FreeFunder’s position as a go-to platform for community-oriented initiatives.

Platform Features

  • Platform Type: FreeFunder is designed specifically for community-based projects. It prioritizes community engagement and involvement.
  • Funding Model: The specific funding model for FreeFunder is not provided. The absence of fees suggests flexibility in this aspect.
  • User Interface and Tools: The platform places a focus on social sharing incentives. It promotes extended outreach and community participation.
  • Support and Resources: FreeFunder places a strong emphasis on community engagement and support. It provides an environment that fosters collaboration and mutual aid.


FreeFunder operates without charging any fees. Instead, it relies on voluntary donations. The payment processor imposes a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. This is a common rate for online payment processing. 

6. Funraise

Funraise is a holistic and dynamic fundraising solution. It combines a variety of tools into a single platform. The platform allows you to manage all aspects of their campaigns in one place. This simplifies the user experience and boosts efficiency. Users handle donor management and analytics in one place.

Crowdfunding For Dynamic Fundraisers

Funraise serves a broad range of users, from beginners to experienced fundraisers. It offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface for novices. It makes entering the crowdfunding landscape easy. This is thanks to simplified campaign creation and management tools. In contrast, experts can use advanced features and an extensive suite of tools. These include robust analytics and sophisticated donor management systems.

Platform Features

  • Platform Type: Funraise is suitable for dynamic fundraisers. It offers a comprehensive platform that caters to a broad range of users. It welcomes novices and seasoned campaigners.
  • User Interface and Tools: Funraise provides a peer-to-peer experience. It also offers donor and event management tools, automation, and comprehensive reporting. This equips users with all the necessary tools for a successful fundraising campaign.
  • Support and Resources: Funraise offers a broad range of tools. This suggests a robust support system and comprehensive resources for its users. This enhances the user experience and campaign success rate.


Funraise operates on a unique “Donors Cover Fees” model. Essentially, this equates to a 0% platform fee, as all transaction costs are borne by the donors. This means Funraise doesn’t charge users for its platform services. However, standard processing fees still apply.

7. Fundly

Fundly is distinctive for its “Keep What You Raise” model. Many platforms follow an “all or nothing” approach. This means users must meet target goals to access funds. Fundly is different. It ensures users keep all funds raised, regardless of the campaign’s success. This feature is especially helpful for smaller campaigns. They may have trouble meeting their objectives. It guarantees that users benefit from each donation received.

Crowdfunding For Everyone’s Passions

Its user-friendly platform has an easy setup process. Fundly is particularly helpful for smaller campaigns. They may struggle to reach their fundraising goals. This establishes Fundly as an inclusive, versatile choice. It’s among the best free crowdfunding sites.

Platform Features

  • Platform Type: Fundly is suitable for various personal projects and passions. It accommodates a wide range of fundraising endeavors.
  • Funding Model: Fundly operates on a “Keep What You Raise” model. This enables users to retain all funds raised. It happens whether they achieve their campaign goals. This model fosters a sense of security. Users benefit from each donation, irrespective of the overall campaign success.
  • User Interface and Tools: Fundly offers a Quick Start guide to aid the initial setup. It’s punctuated by the provision of email support. The support assists users during their fundraising journey.
  • Support and Resources: The platform provides flexible campaign goals. These accommodate the unique requirements of each fundraiser. Standard support is available, ensuring a satisfactory user experience. It also aids in the successful execution of fundraising campaigns.


Fundly adopts a no-fee model, with no platform charges imposed on organizers. It primarily operates on donations by benevolent patrons to fund its operations. They charge 2.9% of the transaction + an extra $0.30 per transaction.

8. Donors Choose

Looking for a school fundraising platform? Donors Choose focuses exclusively on enhancing public school classrooms. It enables teachers to raise money for classroom projects. This attracts donors passionate about public education. Donors Choose commits to transparency and accountability. It provides clear insight into the usage of donations building donor trust.

Crowdfunding For Teachers and Classrooms

It provides teachers an avenue to request specific resources. This helps bolster the educational experience in their classrooms. The platform also commits to transparency. It does this by regularly updating donors on the project’s progress. This allows donors to see the impact of their contributions.

This specialization truly sets Donors Choose apart. It is in the realm of free crowdfunding platforms. It is for teacher needs and donor engagement.

Platform Features

  • Platform Type: Donors Choose focuses on public school teachers for educational projects. This niche orientation ensures that the platform specifically caters to educators’ needs. Those looking to enhance their classrooms can use it.
  • Funding Model: Donors Choose uses a project-based funding model. The product is specifically tailored to educational projects. This connection ensures that funds raised meet the needs of classrooms and educators.
  • User Interface and Tools: The platform provides vetted project requests. They ship resources to classrooms. This unique feature simplifies the process for teachers. It also ensures that we use donations effectively and directly.
  • Support and Resources: Donors Choose places a high emphasis on accountability and support. Detailed reporting to donors allows for transparency and fosters trust in the platform. This high level of accountability and support sets the platform apart. It’s one of the best free crowdfunding sites.


They do not charge a platform fee, meaning all donations directly support projects. However, Donors Choose operates on a suggested 15% optional donation model. Also, there is a 1.5% third-party payment processing fee. This is a cost incurred from accepting various payment methods. This fee ensures the smooth and secure processing of donations.

A Thorough Look at the Top Free Crowdfunding Sites

Raising money is a breeze with the right platform! Regardless of your cause, the free crowdfunding sites on this list will help you turn your vision into reality. Now is the perfect time to begin your fundraising journey. Don’t wait for change, be the change. Choose AngeLink as your crowdfunding site.