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Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer women struggle with here in the U.S. Thankfully, there are ways to find support. In this modern age, people can ask for help from all over the world using the internet. Some sites offer free wigs for cancer patients to provide initial support. Others help patients and their families raise money for treatment costs. 

According to the CDC, breast cancer is the most expensive cancer to treat. Just look at the average per-patient costs:

  • Initial care phase: $35,000
  • Continuing care phase: $3,500
  • End-of-life phase: $76,100

Raising money for breast cancer treatment can be hard to do on your own. But there is a way to make it easier! Online fundraising helps everyone, even if they have insurance or not. It’s like a big, caring community that comes to the rescue.

Don’t know where to start with crowdfunding? We’re here to share some tips on how to raise money for breast cancer treatment costs. You can use these tips for yourself or to help a friend with cancer. Remember, every little bit helps. Even the smallest contributions can make a big difference!

How to Use Online Fundraising to Raise Money for Breast Cancer Expenses

Don’t know how to start a fundraiser? Raising money online can sound tricky, but the fundamentals are simple. You set up your page, tell your story, and ask nicely for help.

There are many people who want to help raise money for breast cancer costs. They can be from your city or from a place you’ve never heard of. The Internet brings everyone together! Here’s how to ask for donations for a fundraiser:

1. Pick A Trusted Medical Fundraising Site

Look for a medical fundraising site that is safe and takes fundraising fraud seriously. Also, pay attention to the fee structure of the service you use. You want most of the money to go to the treatment, not the website.

Referrals can help, too! Ask friends or people who have raised money before which site they used and if they liked it. Choose a site that makes it easy to tell your story and share it with others. By choosing a trusted medical fundraising site, you can ensure your fundraiser and donors are protected from fraud.

2. Start Your Online Fundraiser

Starting your online fundraiser is like planting a seed. You do a little work to get it going, and then it grows! Follow these easy steps and watch your fundraiser blossom:

  • Make Your Account: Most fundraising sites have a “Sign Up” button. Click it, and they will ask for a few things. Usually, you need to give them your name and email address. You’ll also choose a password.
  • Check Your Email: After you sign up, the website will send you an email to make sure it’s really you. Find that email (check your spam folder if you do not see it), and click the link inside to tell the, “Yes, it’s me!”
  • Be Safe: Keep your account safe. Don’t share your password with anyone.
  • Get Help If You Need It: If you don’t know what to do, click on the “Help” or “Support” button on the site. They have people who can answer your questions.

3. Write Your Story

By following the best fundraiser title tips, you can give your fundraiser a name that grabs the attention of potential donors. Telling your story is how you connect with people’s hearts. You show them why you need their help. Here’s how to write a fundraising story:

  • Tell Them About Yourself: Share who you are. Use your first name and say something you love to do.
  • Explain Your Fight: Say what kind of breast cancer you are fighting. Tell them a little bit about what it’s like.
  • Show Why You Need Help: Tell people how the money will help you. Will it pay for medicine? Will it help you go to the doctor?
  • Be Honest and Open: Use words that come from your heart. It’s okay to say if you’re scared or worried.

4. Equip Your Fundraiser With Photos and Videos

Images and videos are powerful tools for storytelling. They can make your cause resonate with people who will donate to help raise money for breast cancer treatment.  Here are some fundraiser image tips and advice for incorporating videos into your page:

  • Add a Picture of Yourself: Choose a nice photo where you are smiling. This makes friends want to help.
  • Show Pictures with Family or Friends: Include photos with people who support you (if you’d like!)
  • Use Videos to Share Your Story: A short video can tell a lot. You can talk about yourself and your hopes for the fundraiser.
  • Keep Photos Clear: Make sure your pictures are not too dark or blurry. People want to see your face well.
  • Change Pictures Sometimes: Every so often, put up a new photo to show how you are doing.
  • Stay Positive in Videos: Even if it’s hard, try to smile and speak about good things in your videos.
  • Ask Permission: If you use pictures with others, make sure they say it’s okay.
  • Be Real: It’s important to be yourself. People like to help someone who is honest and real.

5. Share Your Fundraiser

After making your fundraiser page, it’s time to let people know about it. Here are some easy ways to share your page and get help:

  • Tell Your Friends and Family: Start by telling people you know. They care about you and might want to help.
  • Use Social Media: Share your page on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. More people can see it this way.
  • Send Emails: Write a nice email with a link to your page and send it to people you know.
  • Ask for Shares: Don’t be shy about asking others to share your page. When they share it, even more people can see it.
  • Make Posters: You can make simple posters with your page link on them and put them up at your school or library.
  • Update Often: Tell people how your fundraiser is doing. They like to know how their help is making a difference.

6. Thank Your Donors

Saying “thank you” is a big deal. When someone gives you money for your treatment, they are doing something very kind. Here are some easy ways to make sure they know you are thankful:

  • Send a Thank You Note: Write a simple note that says “Thank you for your help!” and send it to the person.
  • Make a Thank You Video: Record a short video of you saying thanks. This can make the person feel special.
  • Share Updates: Tell people how you are doing and how their money is helping. This makes them feel like they are part of your journey.
  • Post Thank Yous on Your Page: Write a thank you message on your fundraising page for everyone to see.
  • Be Quick: Try to say thank you soon after you get a donation. It’s nice for people to hear thank you right away.
  • Be Happy: Show that you are happy and thankful in your notes and videos. This will make your donors smile!

Gratitude goes a long way, so show your donors how much their support means to you.

5 Events to Raise Money for Breast Cancer Treatment

Next, let’s explore ways to raise money for breast cancer.  Want to raise awareness for your fundraiser in your community? Events to raise money for breast cancer can energize potential donors. The goal is to get them excited about your cause!

Here are some medical fundraising ideas on events to raise money for breast cancer treatment:

1. Bake Sale

Team up with friends to bake cookies, cakes, and other yummy treats. Sell them at a school, park, or church event. Put a jar for extra donations. Have pictures of your online fundraiser with the QR code so people can visit and donate more if they want!

2. Walk-a-Thon

Tell people that for every lap you walk or run around the track, you’re earning donations. Set up a booth with your fundraiser information so people can sign up to pledge money for each lap you do. It’s fun and healthy, and everyone can join in!

3. Craft Corner

Get creative and make bracelets, paintings, or other crafts to sell. Use bright colors to attract people at a community fair or gathering. Show off your fundraiser page on a sign, and let them know that buying a craft helps with your goals.

4. Game Night Gala

Organize a game night at a local community center or at your home with board games and fun activities. Charge a small entry fee that goes straight to your fundraiser. You could also have a donation box for extra contributions to your cause.

5. Car Wash

Gather up sponges and soap and host a car wash at a school or church parking lot. Ask for donations in exchange for making cars sparkle. Have flyers ready with information about your online fundraiser. That way, people will know where their money is going.

We hope you found these ideas to raise money for breast cancer helpful! Remember, the best idea is the one that feels most authentic to you. Authenticity shines bright in the world of crowdfunding.

Get the Funds You Need to Offset Costly Medical Bills

Now, you know how to raise money for breast cancer treatment costs! Raising money for breast cancer treatment might seem tough, but you’re not alone! Friends, family, and even kind strangers want to help you get better.

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