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With inflation continuing to rise in the United States, coupled with financial instability worldwide, living paycheck-to-paycheck has become an unfortunate reality for millions of Americans. When unexpected financial challenges arise for these individuals and their families such as natural disasters, medical bills, home displacement or more, many turn to crowdfunding to appeal for support from family, friends and communities. However, traditional crowdfunding solutions often fall short of addressing the growing needs that so many Americans are facing. 

Many traditional crowdfunding platforms tend to lack the specificity and understanding necessary to truly make a difference. Driven by profit motives, these platforms often miss the mark when it comes to addressing the unique financial struggles of underserved communities. The barriers to entry, complex processes, and lack of personalization create an additional layer of difficulty for those who need help the most.

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AngeLink, born out of a deep understanding of these challenges, represents a shift in the crowdfunding landscape. Our platform is not just a means to raise funds but a place for people to find community. 

My vision for AngeLink has always been rooted in the belief that everyone deserves a fair chance at financial stability and prosperity. And, what sets AngeLink apart is our commitment to inclusivity. We recognize that crowdfunding is not one-size-fits-all. AngeLink leverages a user-friendly interface to ensure everyone can easily navigate the platform. Whether you are seeking assistance for medical bills, education, housing, or any other essential need, we provide a solution that makes asking for help and receiving donations simple.

We also take a proactive approach to reaching out to specifically help women who represent over 70% of all peer-to-peer crowdfunding users and underserved communities. Through strategic partnerships with organizations and our own 501(c)(3), the AngeLink Community Foundation, we aim to bridge the gap between those in need and the support they need to create a powerful impact. 

AngeLink also uses artificial intelligence to personalize the crowdfunding experience with help in sharing their heartfelt story. Our algorithms are specially crafted to elevate fundraisers across various categories, ensuring they have an equal chance of being seen. We also leverage social media and our in-house media relations team to help fundraisers receive the coverage they deserve.

While traditional crowdfunding platforms may have their merits, they often fall short when it comes to serving everyone’s needs. AngeLink represents a new wave of crowdfunding, one that puts those living paycheck-to-paycheck center stage to provide financial support, community and love. Together we’re changing the world, one fundraiser at a time.