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With the right outreach strategy, you can raise awareness for your fundraiser in your community. It doesn’t have to be difficult or complex. In fact, there’s an opportunity right in front of you—literally!

Here’s what we mean…

Did you know that people spend five to six hours on their phones every day? (Source: Statista)

Today, a lot of people use their computers and phones to do important things. Raising money for causes they care about is one example.

You might have seen people promote a fundraiser on social media or websites. Yes, sharing a fundraiser on Facebook can increase your reach. But text messages can be helpful, too! 

Gartner reported that SMS open and response rates can be as high as 98%. That’s a huge opportunity to get people involved in your fundraiser!

But how do you write a great text message for fundraising? A fundraising text message example can help spark ideas! Using a sample fundraising text message as inspiration can save you time and make the creative process easier. Our experts have you covered with these fundraising text message examples. We hope you find our list useful!

Asking for Donations

Now, let’s talk about how to ask for donations for a fundraiser in a text message. We want people to feel good about helping out. Here are some easy templates to help you do it:

Example 1 – Personal Appeal 

Hey, [Name]! I hope this message finds you well. I’m reaching out because I’m supporting a cause that’s very close to my heart – [Fundraiser Name]. Any donation, big or small, would mean the world to me. Here’s the link: [Fundraiser Link]. Thank you for your kindness!

Example 2 – Create Urgency

Hi [Name], time is running out for our fundraising campaign for [Fundraiser Name]! We’re only $500 away from our goal and every donation helps. Can you please help us reach it? Click here to donate now: [Fundraiser Link]. Thank you!

Example 3 – Corporate Matching

Did you know your employer offers donation matching for charitable causes? If you donate to our fundraiser for [Fundraiser Name], they will match it! It’s an easy way to double your impact. Click here to donate and learn more: [Fundraiser Link].

Fundraising Event Invite

Have you ever been to a fun event that also helps people? That’s what a fundraising event is like! It’s a special party or activity where people come together to give money to a good cause.

If you want your friends to come to an event like this, you can send them a text message. Texts are easy to read and can make your friends excited to attend the event. 

Here are some fundraising text message examples for events:

Example 1 – Casual Fundraising Event Invite

Hey [Name]! We’re throwing a casual get-together for [Event Name] this [Date] at [Location]. It’s going to be a chill evening of fun, food, and supporting a great cause: [Fundraiser Name]. Would love to see you there! Grab your ticket here: [Event Link].

Example 2 – Formal Gala Invitation

You’re cordially invited to attend the gala event of the season – [Event Name], benefiting [Fundraiser Name]. Join us for an evening of elegance on [Date] at [Venue]. Secure your spot and support our cause here: [Event Link].

Example 3 – Family-Friendly Event

Bring the whole family to [Event Name] on [Date] at [Location]! Enjoy games, food, and fun activities while helping us raise funds for [Fundraiser Name]. Your support means everything. RSVP here: [Event Link].

Urgent Requests

Sometimes, there is a need to get help really fast. In these cases, you can communicate the urgency in your SMS campaign. If you need help quickly, write text messages that tell friends what they need to do—and that it’s important to do it right away!

Remember to be clear and tell them exactly how they can help. Ask for urgent help using a fundraising text message example on our list:

Example 1 – Emergency Situation

Alert: [Name], we need your immediate help! An emergency has hit [Fundraiser Name], and we can’t respond without you. Any amount you can provide now will make a huge difference. Act now: [Fundraiser Link].

Example 2 – Last Chance Reminder

This is it, [Name]! Today is the LAST day to make your mark on our campaign for [Fundraiser Name]. We’re so close to our target but still need your support. Donate before midnight: [Fundraiser Link].

Example 3 – Impact Highlight

[Name], did you know that just $10 can provide [Specific Benefit] for [Fundraiser Name]? Your quick support could change lives today. Please, consider a donation here: [Fundraiser Link].


After you send a message to ask for help, you can also send a follow-up message. A follow-up is a way to keep in touch with the people who have donated or might donate soon. This will let them know you care about their support!

Here are a few fundraising text message examples for following up:

Example 1 – Gratitude Follow-Up

Hey [Name], I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for your recent contribution to [Fundraiser Name]. Your support is making a real difference. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Example 2 – Progress Update

Hi [Name]! Quick update on our fundraiser for [Fundraiser Name]—we’ve reached 75% of our goal, thanks to generous souls like you! Just a little more to go. See our progress: [Fundraiser Link].

Example 3 – Reminder for Non-Responders

Hello [Name], we noticed you haven’t had a chance to donate to [Fundraiser Name] yet. If you’re still interested in helping, it’s not too late! Every bit helps: [Fundraiser Link].

Thank You Messages

Saying “thank you” is super important. It shows that you care about the help someone has given you. When people give money to your fundraiser, you want to make sure they know how much it means to you and the cause.

A nice text message can do just that! Get inspiration to “say thanks” with a sample fundraising text message on this list:

Example 1 – Simple Thanks

Thank you, [Name]! Your donation to [Fundraiser Name] has been received. We’re so grateful for your generosity and your belief in our mission.

Example 2 – Impactful Appreciation

We did it, [Name]! Thanks to your contribution, [Impact Achieved]! Your support for [Fundraiser Name] is creating positive change. Thank you for being an essential part of our community.

Example 3 – Personal Gratitude Video Link

Words can’t express our gratitude, [Name]! As a token of our immense appreciation, please check out this personal thank-you video from our team: [Video Link]. Together, we are making a difference for [Fundraiser Name].

Use These Templates to Save Time in Your Fundraising Journey!

We hope these fundraising text message examples were helpful. Remember, friends can help in big ways if you ask! Use a donation text message to tell them about the good thing you’re doing and ask for their support. It’s fast and easy—just pick a message, add your own details, and send it to all your friends.

Sometimes, asking for monetary support can feel scary or a lot of work. But with a donation text message, it’s different. You don’t have to worry about formatting or making it look pretty. Just write from your heart and share why the cause means something to you.

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