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Raising money for schools can be a daunting task. Yet, school fundraising is important. It funds activities and offsets costs for students. With the right tools and resources, it can be easier than you think. There are many different school fundraising platforms and websites to choose from! Each one has its unique set of features.

To start with, you need to decide what kind of fundraising you want to do. Are you looking for online donation platforms or merchandise sales? Or maybe you want to run a school fundraising event? Once you’ve narrowed it down, take a look at the different school fundraising sites. Decide which ones offer the features that are important to you.

Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to do your research before making a decision. Don’t forget – the most important thing is to have fun while raising money for your school!

You have many options for school fundraising! Platforms can make the process quick and efficient. Students and parents can easily post updates on an online fundraiser page. Keep reading to learn more about the top school fundraising sites!

4 Top School Fundraising Sites

There are many different school fundraising websites to choose from. Each platform has its unique set of features, so it’s important to do your research before settling on one. Consider what you are looking for from a platform. Then, pick one that best matches your fundraising goals.

1. AngeLink

AngeLink is an amazing platform for school fundraising! With AngeLink, you can set up online fundraiser pages and track donations easily. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to get started with your fundraiser quickly. AngeLink’s customer support team is available 24/7 to answer questions. 

2. Classy

Classy is a great choice for school fundraising. With Classy, you can create a customized donation page and track donor data. You can even add a “tip jar” for more donations.

3. GoFundMe

GoFundMe offers easy-to-use tools to create donation pages and track donations quickly. It’s free to use and hosts a variety of fundraisers. 

4. DonorsChoose 

DonorsChoose is a great platform for classroom donations and crowdfunding. It offers many ways to fundraise, including online donation pages, merchandise sales, and more. 

5 Benefits of School Fundraising Platforms

School fundraising platforms provide a great way to raise money for your school. Not only do they make it easy to collect donations online. You can also track donations and use the data collected to understand the latest trends. Plus, these platforms are often free or offer low fees compared to other fundraising methods.

Here are five of the most important benefits of school fundraising websites:

1. Easy to Use and Track Donations

School fundraising platforms make it easy to create donation pages! You can track donations and understand donor data. With these platforms, you’ll have the insights you need to make informed decisions. You can make reports on donations, donor demographics, and more.

2. Low Fees

Most school fundraising platforms offer low or no fees when compared to other methods. You can even find some that are completely free! Donations will go further with school fundraising platforms.

3. Easy Setup

Most school fundraising sites are incredibly easy to use and set up. In just a few steps, you’ll be able to start collecting donations! Sites like AngeLink even offer a one-click setup to get you started quickly. You just have to enter some basic information and your fundraiser will be ready in no time.

4. Social Features

Most school fundraising platforms have social sharing features! This will help you spread the word about your fundraiser. This makes it easy to reach a wider audience and increase donations. For example, AngeLink has a suite of social sharing tools that you can use. You would be able to share your fundraiser on many social media sites and applications.

5. Many Payment Alternatives

School fundraising platforms are great for accepting payments from different countries and regions. Most sites offer various payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, and more. This makes it easy for people to donate from all around the world!

Start Your School Fundraising Today!

If you’re looking for a great way to raise money for your school, use a school fundraising platform! Whether you’re raising money to erase school lunch debt or fundraising for a field trip, they make it easier than ever to track donations and set up donation pages. You can also share your progress with potential donors. 

Fundraising platforms allow you to reach a wider audience at a low cost. Your school can easily raise funds for field trips, supplies, or textbooks. School fundraising can also provide for scholarships or financial aid opportunities. Students deserve quality educational resources and fundraising can help offset the cost. Get started today to start generating more donations!

At AngeLink, we’re proud to be one of the most popular school fundraising sites. We offer easy-to-use tools to create fundraisers and track donations quickly. Plus, our platform is free to use! Sign up now and start raising money for your school today.

Good luck – and happy school fundraising!

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