A garden specialist is teaching a group of students in a vegetable plot.

When there’s a problem in a small town, the whole community comes together to help out. That’s because everyone knows each other, and they all have each other’s backs. 

Similarly, that’s how community fundraisers work. When there’s a need, the community bands together to raise money for a cause they all support. Community fundraisers are easy to start and can be a lot of fun! You can organize one in no time on an online fundraising platform. 

They bring everyone together to support a great cause. You can raise funds to start a business, church, school, or club. Community fundraisers also create a sense of common solidarity in your community.

Plus, you don’t need to have deep pockets to organize a community fundraiser. A great fundraiser requires three key elements: dedication, creativity, and a team of volunteers. Once you have those, you can start raising money!

Let’s look at our favorite community project ideas! Then, we break down how to start a community fundraiser.

5 Community Project Ideas to Fundraise For

Here are the best project ideas you can fundraise for in your community:

1. Start a Community Garden 

This is a great way to bring the community together, while also helping to spruce up an old spot in town. It’s a great way to teach kids about where their food comes from. Plus you can grow fresh food to give out to other community members.

2. Create a Youth Center

Give kids in your community somewhere to go after school and during summer vacation. You could even ask local businesses for donations or furniture to help get the center off the ground.

3. Start a Homeless Shelter

This can be an expensive project. With enough donations and volunteers, it’s possible. You could ask for donations from local businesses or churches to help fund the project.

4. Build a Playground

Children in your community will love this idea! With enough donations, you can build a new playground that everyone can enjoy.

5. Host a Charity Event or Gala

This is a fun way to raise money for an important cause! You can have local businesses and celebrities contribute.

No matter what project you choose to fundraise for, it’s important to create a plan. This will ensure that you have all the resources necessary to make your fundraiser a success! Remember to use an online fundraiser to spread the word and collect donations.

Your Guide to How To Start A Community Fundraiser

Follow our step-by-step guide below on how to start a community fundraiser:

1. Pick a Project

This should be something that the community is passionate about and can get behind. Think of how it will benefit the people in your community, how much money you’ll need to raise, and how long it will take.

2. Pick a Platform

Choose a type of crowdfunding platform that will simplify the process. Decide what features matter to you and narrow down your platform choices from there. Do you want a platform with 24/7 customer support? Or do you want shareability and fun badges to track your progress? After considering what’s important to you, you can make the best choice.

3. Choose a Date

Set a date for the event that works well for your community. Plan it around special occasions so everyone can come together and celebrate. For example, if you’re in a small town, try to host it around the Fourth of July.

4. Gather Materials

You’ll need to have a few materials on hand like flyers, signs, and other items related to the event. This way people can promote it in their own community and get others involved.

5. Get Donations

Ask local businesses if they can donate items or services that you can use for your fundraiser. You could even ask them to make a direct monetary donation.

6. Promote the Event

Make sure to spread the word about your fundraiser on social media! Don’t forget to post on your fundraiser page. You can also hand out flyers and hang posters. You can even contact local news outlets or radio stations if you want more publicity!

7. Have Fun

Above all else, make sure that everyone is having a good time. People will come back for future events if they enjoyed themselves the first time.

Community fundraisers are a great way for people to come together and raise money for a good cause. You just need some dedication and volunteers! So, get out there and start organizing! You can make a difference in your community. Good luck!

Benefits of Using an Online Fundraising Platform 

1. Easy to Use

Setup is easy and takes a few minutes. You can quickly start raising money for your community.

2. Support for Community Projects

Access a supportive community online through comments. They can help you achieve your goals.

3. Accept Donations Online

You can promote your fundraiser online and accept donations from anywhere. You are not limited to donations within your community. Backers can help as long as they have an Internet connection.

4. Tips & Tricks

Fundraising platforms offer plenty of helpful advice and information on community fundraising! You can learn what works and what doesn’t, so you can raise money quickly.

Make An Impact In Your Community

If you’re ready to get started with your community fundraiser, AngeLink is here to help. We provide a platform for people to easily raise funds for community-driven projects. Plus, we offer plenty of resources and tips so you can make sure that your project is a success! Learn more about our six pillars of giving, and let’s start making a difference together.  

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