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The AngeLink Community Foundation enables influencers of all sizes to rise above the crowd. Use your authentic voice to create meaningful connections and mobilize followers to come together to do something truly special. Mobilize your tribe to support an ACF Pillar of Giving and share the love.

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Official partners get access to live events, success stories, our library of logos, free merch, images, photos and videos. Want to learn more? Let’s collab. We’d love to connect.

Our standards

We work with partners who share our commitment to social responsibility. We treat our community and employees with dignity and respect and hold all our partners to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Angel Influencers

No matter what your sphere of influence, everyone has a voice. Elevate your brand, create a more meaningful connection with your followers and shine the light on an ACF cause you believe in. You can even network with other top-tier influencers.

We Partner with Companies of All Sizes

The AngeLink Community Foundation supports women through grants and distributions to other charitable organizations. Check out how your company can get involved:

Support a local or national fundraiser:

  • Corporate gift
  • Fund a project
  • Corporate match
  • Round up, % of

Encourage your team to support an important ACF cause:

  • Community outreach
  • Employee fundraising
  • Support an ACF fundraiser
  • Customer fundraising

Invite others to spread the word:

  • Social media partner
  • Highlight a project
  • Media support
  • Promote an ACF event

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We love to connect with thought leaders, content creators and brands.

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