Mother helping son wearing helmet for cycling

From the very beginning, AngeLink’s mission has been clear: to empower women and girls and to provide a secure and supportive environment for fundraising and giving. In pursuit of this goal, we have meticulously crafted a process to keep our platform authentic, safe, and community-focused. We’re proud to say that we’re accomplishing this better than any other crowdfunding platform on the market. Take a minute to learn more about our model. 

Rigorous Review Process

Every fundraiser on AngeLink undergoes a comprehensive evaluation, combining the precision of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the discernment of human expertise. This dual-layered review ensures that each campaign aligns with our guidelines and maintains the highest standards of authenticity and safety.

Advanced Payment Processor Tools and Risk Scoring

Our dedication to safety extends beyond fundraisers to keep our community safe. Through advanced payment processor tools and real-time risk scoring systems, we actively monitor fundraising campaigns and contributions. Any suspicious activity is promptly flagged to provide an additional layer of protection for both donors and fundraisers.

Secure Release of Funds

Ensuring the secure release of funds is paramount to building trust within our community. We employ a multifaceted approach, including risk scoring, document verification, and, when necessary, background checks. This comprehensive process is designed to ensure that funds are distributed safely to their intended recipients.

Internal Flagging System

We incorporate an internal flagging system developed to detect any potential fraudulent or suspicious activity. This proactive measure acts as a safeguard against potential misuse of our platform, and allows us to stay committed to our ethical standards.

Community Reporting

We believe in the power of community effort in ensuring safety. Anyone using AngeLink can actively participate in our commitment to a secure environment by reporting a fundraiser that may raise questions or concerns. Our dedicated trust and safety team then conducts a thorough investigation to address any issues promptly.

These initiatives are just a small sample of the measures we take to create a space that stands as the premier platform for making a positive impact in the world. AngeLink is not just a platform but a community-driven force for good.